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      Eye opening. Very timely released article as well. Give it a couple more weeks there area few more discoveries to be made for the new meta.


        Please for the love of god stop recommending bloody ignite builds on ogre. It scales terribly does close to naught with the first level of multicast compared to blast and bloodlust and the other two abilities need levels to be impactful, ignite only needs a single point.

        Eat Soup With A Fork

          Hey KawaiiSocks, Do you enjoy/hate the removal of shrines? I H A T E the change, mainly because I play roaming support most often and tend to be very aggressive with early ganks. I have to spend a lot more gold on salves and/or clarity. Or just go back to base and waste time. why do you think they removed them? They didn't seem that overpowered ( I think)


            брюмастю пасани апнити а то када ево пикаю хочица сгоря шматье ламац


              Wow 2% Huskar means its his patch. First he didnt get anything changed why even mention him lmao.
              He probably just got picked more as the last pick this week thats all..
              Shit post as usual

              alternative fakten

                Huskar Benefits from lifereg amplification. Thats hey he is meta since outlanders update


                  Your TI9 predict sucks


                    Yes but he isn't the winner of this new patch...
                    Nothing changed for him ,nothing
                    Shit post


                      спасибо, класс статья

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                        Juggernaut might be the biggest winner as seen from winrate changes.

                        Yami Yugi

                          Ogre magi is a true winner here

                          yeah right

                            Actually Luna is better, because her previous lunar blessing had a bug. It used to amp negative armor. For example Luna had -11armor with mask madness on instead of -8. And that was an aura for whole team.


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                              Little pony

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