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    Canuck, when will Reach be opened to SEA? And are there plans to include Ancient players, or are the Reach mods and admins keeping it to Divine-Immortal?


      What about the legend and ancient league tiers?

      Relegation and promotion seems good


        Huh so how will the games be arranged exactly? Does the Reach website have the "matchmaker" algorithm directly on there and it arranges the players for the game? Then we join a custom lobby with a bot as a spectator or something to play an in-house?


          Divines better start showing up, I wanna play some inhouse games


            This could be really really nice tho. Lets do some inhouse games boys!


              @ETdAWESOME - There are currently no hard plans to expand the league to other regions, however if we find it to be successful in our launch regions, it's never out of the question, and would be the natural progression to make.

              And yes, we'll be expanding downward to also allow Ancient level players soon, and on launch the league will be open to everyone.


                I guess I'll just be chilling in the Reach Discord until you do expand to SEA, and allow Ancient players xD


                  no hope for sea


                    sounds good


                      Developers, you should look in to this issue as it's ridiculous:

                      First game I join - 1 person (not me) does not connect to the lobby, the bot tries to start the lobby 3 times, he fails to connect to the game in all those attempts. Ok game's over and the match is abandoned, We're all kicked from the lobby.

                      I go to press Play again on the website and it says 'Match abandoned!' , what the fuck?

                      I'm not the one who did not connect to the lobby, why do I get a queue restriction for someone else failing to ready up in the lobby? Also, why is the message so cryptic, what does that even mean, when am I able to queue again? Extremely frustrating experience, such a basic thing to be so broken. I can only assume that all the 10 people in that lobby got this message after the 1 person didn't ready up.

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                        Hopefully there is one in SEA, even when the probability is really low.

                        green brocolli

                          No sea so sad




                              just left after an hour queue time :(


                                How can i play dotabuff reach if i divine 1? Never found any games and tried to find a game after 2+ hour queue time

                                Von Saponatheim

                                  Haven't found a game either as a divine after an hour of queueing, would love to try this out


                                    SEA sir please i want to make kalat


                                      *Bump. SEA Server :D

                                      Emily The Strange

                                        mm oke !


                                          it would be handy if u could write the whole scoring system somewhere on leaderboard page or something, bcz it was changed couple times and how is it now after 3 wins? 4/4? or how is it after 6th game +2/-2?

                                          Hey Arnold::LOOK at MEE!!!

                                            a ponerse las pilas amigos xd


                                              Searching for match 15mins, and still nothing ...(divine 1 )


                                                I like the idea!


                                                  soy divine 3 , pero en mi dotabuff sale ancient 5 , no puedo participar en la liga :/


                                                    SEA plss


                                                      How the game quality of reach has fallen.

                                                      I wish you guys could split the Reach System between Rank 2ks and above to play with divines and above, whereas

                                                      Rank 1k and higher would be in another league thus making games alot more enjoyable, since mixture of these low ranks just turns it into a really low quality pub ;/