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    first yeet


      2nd :D

      Stop For A Minute

        Drow is the first candidate for nerf in the next patch( That's too bad. I really like the gameplay for it.

        Bot Pablo

          Broken hero, ofc


            Old drow was much better (especially with 500+ ms), just no one played on it.

            Spanish Inquisition

              No she wasnt, she requied specific draft for even being playable and was vaible for one patch

              pop idle

                Dayum she's thick af


                  When valve will learn about their mistake? Stay tuned in the next season

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                    I hope they dont nerf my DR.

                    Sygma.Pride ~

                      Drow 2*WB + Treads + SB (used to initiate) lvl 11 VS Sniper lvl 14 2*WB + treads + MoM + Mael + dragon lance, who wins ? DR. Yes it's balanced 100%.

                      She was on my team but i still got triggered as it was clearly unfair for the ennemy sniper who was clearly better than her (she got 2 RNG proc breaking SB + 1 auto attack while sniper turned + 1 auto attack).

                      Drow ultimate:
                      - 40% true strike
                      - Pure dmgs
                      - OS ancients lvl 6

                      YES IT'S BALANCED.

                      Gaben nerf this pick so those no brain DR spammers get karma backfire.

                      PS : I have nothing against the global aura as it's the pick's signature but the guy who designed the ultimate clearly watched Hentais with DR in it.

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                      Evil Feachairu(3)

                        Best hero tbh, even an account buyer like me can win a lot by spamming dr


                          one of the funiest things is that i've been picking drow scince february and everyone told that it's usless char


                            bring back her old model, with new texturing(face and detalizied legs)


                              Drow: Started from the bottom now i'm her


                                that just happened

                                Win Gaming

                                  Love this hero dont nerf this


                                    big nerf next patch, enjoy her while you can


                                      I despite drow pickers. Its so toxic in Pubs, Medusa, Drow, Windranger- who cares what the other 2 are this combo is as toxic as troll Sniper years ago.


                                        her tits and thighs got nerfed tho :(


                                          > No she wasnt, she requied specific draft for even being playable and was vaible for one patch

                                          Yeah, 500+ ms, 500-700+ stable dmg, 60%+maim slow, aghs+mjolnir, rampage in 5 secs - it s all needed specific draft. 4 tanks ahead was ideal.
                                          Honestly, aquila, old SnY and agil ms bonus was part of that, so nerf is much complex, then just ulti/passive.

                                          And it was totally crazy, when wisp+drow ran 550 behind the tanks and killed everyone in just one second until 7.16. Now it cant run = death for ranger.

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                                          This game make´s me mad

                                            Hey guys please ADD me i need some dota friends :)


                                              selling bug fire bow for draw ranger, 5 dc

                                              The same Q

                                                Del pls

                                                400 IQ

                                                  Drow can farm so fast at level 6. I think the possible nerf for the ulti is 'half full health damage' only instead of OS Ancient creeps at level 6. Pick rate will drop at least at half. Level 12 is fine to OS Ancient creeps.

                                                  If my expected nerf have a lesser outcome in the real nerf, then Drow will drop from S tier to C(hit) tier real quick.

                                                  Maybe Drow won't be even nerfed, because Morph is still a lowkey S tier hero even after atrb shift was nerfed.