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Enjoy that stolen money i...

    Good Luck Have Fun

    Meia Vida
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        holy shit ^ this guy is salty

        Young Allmute

          I guess they never miss, except when it comes to this guy and the point of this article.


            No mention of pizzadog : (

            All jokes aside, great article. I really enjoyed reading this!

            Brünk Hüll

              Definitely think you're being hard on yourself man. History would suggest that you won't stick with those guys forever, not because they suck (remember Matumbaman and Jerax both came from....4asc I think?....and won TI separately) but because your team's ability to consistently make it deep into a tournament (a ticket to LAN definitely qualifies) will signify individual skill that needs the right lineup and leadership. I'd view this stage of your career as the beginning of your scouting opportunities. You keep landing LAN spots and you'll make a name for yourself.

              Now go get that 1-2.


                :D really nice job! enjoyed reading it;)


                  Nice read and mindset Canuck. You didn't get outplayed -- I watched both games and it's how badly you got outdrafted.
                  Both games based on draft I'd give you under 30% win chance before skill even factors in. You had no answers to their key (not core) heroes.
                  You went for comfort picks with little to no flexibility or synergies.


                    all the best mate!

                    Certified Lover Boy

                      Thank you for providing us an insight about the tourney.
                      Stay strong and motivated :)
                      Good luck :D


                        Nice insight.


                          Great article bud!
                          My face on front page of dotabuff, sweet. :3


                            Good luck. i hope to see you @ The international

                            Yami Yugi

                              omg omg omg lol I can't stand such stage pressure stress when you walked into the tournament against the world!


                                Great article, we'll get them next time!


                                  Cptn. Canuck reppin the local scene :) Kaolin monks top team in my heart.


                                    Great article! Some of the best content I've read on this site.


                                      As a dota player you are a great writer!

                                      Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                        Quality post. Your passion for the game is tremendous. I hope your team find success sooner or later.

                                        prod1gal Chapa

                                          Главное не опускать руки. У тебя все получится, удачи в дальнейшем)


                                            Great post! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this at work! Good luck

                                            Play game, not compete

                                              Yo champ in the making!


                                                Awesome article. Will be keeping an eye out for you guys in the future. every game of dota is a learning experience. going 0-2 is raw and sucks, but its so cool that you were able to go back, watch the replays, and make plans to get better. here's to going 1-2 [and beyond :)]