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    VP Gone... zzz SAD they performed well against Optic after 1 down.

    And FIRST


      OG will win TI8!

      Last Hit

        Soo... Liquid vs EG, 100% comes down to Miracle vs Sumail?

        So It Goes

          Really bad TI for VP, by their standards obviously but they have looked the best team most of the year. They kinda stunk it up


            VP definitely has to be biggest disappointment of tourney. I think it’s part due to meta change and part drafting. The 2-1-2 meta hurts them cause Rodjers strength is roaming not babysitting. And I thought the way they drafted for mid was too reactionary. No One is as good a mid as anyone in tournament but they didn’t really put him on heroes he could exploit. I don’t know what the obsession is with Tiny I feel like he loses every time I watch him.

            You are idiot

              Hypocrites. How many of those american teams are american players?

              Brünk Hüll

                The thing I have been noticing has been a strong reliance on aoe offensive strategies for early game and single target/aura defensive strategies for late game. The latter is fairly obvious with drow and spec strats aplenty, but the aggressive strats are relying on a very specific set of skills being used in a particular order. It's clear teams have been practicing the timings, and I see it most in Wyvern and Willow supports.

                Take the first Liquid Secret game as an example. The game was aggressive and all about making space on the map by denying entrance into the areas Liquid wanted to secure. Barring that, Wyvern was always in the back, waiting for the bulk of the magic damage to be dolled out to the frontliner (in this case Brood) then throwing out cold embrace. It worked extremely well to allow Liquid to push with Brood in the front. As soon as cold embrace was thrown out, Secret couldn't do damage, and it gave Matu the time to pop bkb and hunger to heal up whatever he needed to scurry away. EG vs Liquid game 1 saw a lot of Sumail running in, aghs allowing him to essentially black hole, then following it up with cursed crown and terrorize from Willow. So that seems to be one of the larger strats coming out for breaking the base. Front line, then wait for a counterinitiation.


                  EG are not NA team at all. Look on players :D