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    cr1t WW lul


      WW isn't dead, she is alive. And will stay alive.


        Remember to disable help when you see a WW on your team

        GoodWarrior (Real)

          nobody plays ww because the ppl who actually spam the hero weird out everyone else enough to never touch it again


            no1 wants to be seen as a ww fetishist

            joan elise

              How to use commas?????


                Only time i play her is vs Meepo. So fun to solo kill the enemy carry as a pos 5.

                Nemesis 041

                  Should there be a Luna and/or Gyrocopter on the enemy side and they attack a cursed target, it could still be bad for WW and her team. Luna's Moon Glaives will still bounce to her enemies, regardless of her first target, and if Gyrocopter activated his Flak Cannon beforehand, his other targets are still gonna be his enemies as well. The same goes for Templar's Psi Blades spill damage and Medusa's Split Shot. All WW would be doing there is buffing their AS, while mitigating their damage in the case of Luna and Medusa, granted.


                    what do you mean bro?
                    i have no problem with ww shes my waifu ;)
                    i think people dont use her because of the ulti 100% protect it was good at 70% but man total invulnerability? such ult... i only use it to escape mostly cuz using it to initiate makes my team jump and waste his earthshaker ult time of black hole dueling ect


                      pick this against meepo / lc, autowin

                      Prizm [MuteAllChat]

                        Remember to disable help when you see a WW on your team

                        In a nutshell. It's a bit more complicated tho.


                          Because she's better be played as some 3-4 pos core.
                          All supports do better than her, but if she gets enough gold and damage, she's becoming a pain in the ass.
                          Pos5 wyvern is a pathetic impact on the game.
                          Dotabuff Top10 wyverns has many carry wyverns among it. Divine ones, too. Recent top1 wyvern used to go mid every game and win those games.


                            iceiceice does it as a position 3 and builds right click. The problem with support Wyvern is that she has 1 spell that scales and then 1 other spell that other heroes have a better version of. He Arctic Burn devolves into an escape method in the late game, and the harass that it provides early on is far too weak compared to a Thunder Strike or Ignite. Her ulti is extremely situational, and very weak conceptwise, as it can either kill a pos 5 support while the farmed carry still runs around, or you target it on the carry and he tanks all the damage. Cold Embrace is one of her better spells, as the free heal is always nice, even if it requires precise timing. Splinter Blast is also nice as it allows her to farm and push out creepswaves, even though many other support do it better. Shes essentially a strong laner who is weak in lane...

                            A kautious Kallnah
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                              A kautious Kallnah

                                To bad the cosmetic in the post was a one time deal, I consider it to be her best cosmetic.


                                  ww is strong if you can play him. thats all

                                  Balls of steel

                                    Что я сейчас прочитал? Совет как играть на виверне? Допустим, но почему ты утверждаешь, что те, кто максит первую способность, те понимают героя лучше?
                                    в этом моменте ты показал себя очень глупо, так как если виверна возьмет упор на 1 скил, то к середине игры(т.к она сапп 5 позиции) у нее будет замакшенный 1 скил и мб 2 в двоечку 3 в единичку и ульта на один. А как драться ты подумал? Ты думаешь, что тебе дадут в файте бить под 1 скилом???Пхах. Ты думаешь что она так быстро апает левел, что к началу мидгейма она может уже и замаксить 2? Это бред, утверджать что 1 лучше чем второй. Также, посмотри на нескольких топовых по дотабаффу людей, которые играют на виверне. Они все МАКСЯТ 2 к 7 левелу, так как он очень полезен в драках, в наступлении чутка, и в защите максимально полезен.


                                      Slow, low damage, short attack range. She's not a natural trader. She can try to use her spells to do it but her Q has an insane cooldown and her W is unreliable and disrupts the lane equilibrium. All in all she's a weak lane support who will invite pressure on her carry and struggles to secure farm. With levels and a couple of cheap items she's very powerful so perhaps some sort of soul ring offlane build is a better bet?

                                      The other item you missed that's good on her is medallion/crest as it can easily secure kills on cursed targets.

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                                        I love WW


                                          Лол, я играю


                                            shit hero coz he offers nothing to lanes

                                            Goro Fujita

                                              because Aghs is absolutely shit on the hero. You end up draining more mana than you ever use with Aghs. then all her spells have been nerfed to shit.

                                              Her Q has a long cooldown, making it useless as a consistent harrass in lane. Why pick Wyvern if a fucking Rhasta, or Witch Doctor will trade better with the offlaner?

                                              Her Splinter blast unecessarily will pull the wave i played as support, as such she is useless as a support since she basically fucks the lane with the only good spell she has. And she's trash as a carry so you cant use the W as a farming tool either. So either way she's fucked, she pushes the lane when as a support and when played as carry her base damage is absolute garbage to be viable.

                                              Her W is trash, a long time it used to be good, it literally made your carry unkillable, not anymore now. You use the spell in a teamfight and youre basically fucking up a team mate. Either buff the heal, or make the hero immune to everything while inside that shit.

                                              And her ultimate, the only good thing about the hero. Funnily icefraud has nerfed it despite the fact nobody fucking picks this hero. Now if you use ultimate on the enemy hard carry, there's a high chance the enemy hard carry will actually survive and escape. Before, it was a guaranteed kill if landed properly, now, even if landed properly the enemy attacks much slower to actually guarantee a kill.

                                              new say

                                                Great hero design. Not your regular support or rightclicker for simple-minded.


                                                  Only time i play her is vs Meepo. So fun to solo kill the enemy carry as a pos 5.

                                                  So fun to see that you last pick a pos 5 after meepo.

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                                                  astolfo's lesbian gf

                                                    i actually think shes good as a mid hero... i think shes kinda awkward to play as a support. her lane presence as a support is super weak and her q loses a lot of value when you dont have good right click damage. if you medallion + orchid someone and arctic burn and right clibk them with the damage talent, you can kill most heroes. and all those juicy killstreak bonuses from winters curse snipes feel a lot better to get on a core. having *more range than sniper* with arctic burn up also feels pretty nice as a right clicker

                                                    new say

                                                      Your insight was pretty valuable in the front page Wyvern Aghs reddit post, mr. Astolfo!


                                                        WW is very good to play in very low rank pubs in games where there is no source of magic damage. WW earned me 500+ mmr singlehandedly lul. Part of the reason winning so much mmr with her was kinda due to WW being an obscure hero that nobody really plays or knows that she exists. As long as your team knows how her kit works, she is strong in low ranked pubs. I have a 75.76% winrate on her and a 4.14 kda ratio on her. Arctic burn, if used and timed correctly, is a powerful initiation tool, and will severely punish enemy tanks who have no magic resistance items/talents/passives because of the health burn being percentage based.


                                                          Check my profile and see that he's still broken :)


                                                            It's my favorite hero, but I agree that cold embrace is one of the most lackluster spells in the game, and splinter blast can be very hard to use. That's why they had to overbuff the other 2 skills, and then they ended up nerfing them because they were too good. Just give cold embrace a +15% magic resistance and be done with it, IF.

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                                                              Aghanim's Scepter should be reworked, more aoe, as, casting range, lower cd, instant of artic burn upg.
                                                              Also talents should be changed, at least 130 gold min lvl 10, 500 hp lvl 15, +50% magic resistance and -5 sec lvl 20 cold embrace, lvl 25 non stop artic burn

                                                              john wick

                                                                As a ww spammer, I believe you can make a difference with effort and patience. I reached 4k playing ww, and there are players that don't know to deal with the hero in higher brackets. Anymay still my favorite hero.

                                                                BLAME ME

                                                                  I have been playing WW recently. Its really good hero especially in low mmr since they pretty much pick brain-lessly which means more likely that they all pick hard hitter like idiots xD. Its really fun to have 1 enemy dead constantly in team fight ALWAYS.


                                                                    because shes boring


                                                                      I love WW, one of my all time favorite heroes, but I haven't played her in ages.

                                                                      She's terrible against anyone competent and you can't afford to pick support as a counter.

                                                                      cat spirit

                                                                        I have 94 games on WW with 56% wr. She is not in any way weak hero and can set games solo. The problem with her is that people often don't even know how her spells work. Also she is pretty not position 5 support, she shines when she has enough lvl's and basic stuff like arcane boots and force stuff. Fast lvl 7 and maxed W is also crucial for early game success.

                                                                        Her Q is long CD for a good reason - she can remove 1/4 of HP of 2-3 targets while its active. It's also good on lvl 1 vs offlaner, just attack him with Q and he has to use Salve/2 tango already. Later in game it just melts enemy tanks.

                                                                        Her W is an amazing anti-push and damage in fights spell. It just needs some time to get used to how it's working.

                                                                        Her E is very strong spell, but it indeed requires a good sense of when to use it.

                                                                        And her Q is pretty much one of the best ultimates in the game. It helps to delete 1 support/mid core from fight, set up your team combos and so on.

                                                                        Overall she is very annoying to enemy team - strong slows, good damage, ally saving and possibly devastating ultimate. You can't just ignore good WW (as often happens when I play on her - thats why I have 56% wr), then WW can with ease set up fights for her team and slow enemies down.

                                                                        Still people won't pick her very often even if they realize she is strong support (sometimes much stronger then some generic lion/wd), because she indeed has very unique kit and playstyle, I'd say the weirdest hero from support pool. As someone said upper:

                                                                        "Great hero design. Not your regular support or rightclicker for simple-minded."(c)

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                                                                          A good tweak to WW is to add a different cold embrace: this one would give 100% magic immunity instead of physical immunity. But not removing her old one. But using either will result to both the 100% physical immunity and 100% magic immunity cold embrace skills to go on cooldown. This tweak could potentially make cold embrace a slightly viable save. What do you guys think?


                                                                            Play ww in offlane, build attack speed, ez win


                                                                              I pick her when theris too much physical damage


                                                                                WW is not dead yet i spam this hero and one of my favorite hero