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    wow 1st

    kurt KUBAN

      Can confirm

      I´ve got 88% winrate as lesh off lane. Just keep harassing with lightning storm and keep mana topped up with claritys. Preferably played with another stunner to completely shut down their carry.

      A 200 IQ Herald

        I was playing him before he was popular you meta obsessives
        Eric Newsome's voice is the major reason I started playing him.


          Leshrac is a very cool hero, also very powerful in the right hands and scenario.


            been spamming lesh as support before it was cool


              I really do need to play this hero more. He's a ton of fun and makes for a solid support.

              Juego para ganar papu

                Peruanos cancer es suport no carry negros fracasados


                  great at clearing waves, great damage. a bit squishy and needs a couple of items to not die first in team fights. i should play him more.


                    >Locks Pugna

                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                      If you were to describe him to a newcomer, it would be 'get this skill, it slows and does damage to a bunch of stuff. Get this skill, it stuns in an area and does damage to stuff. Get this skill too, it does damage to stuff, even buildings. Get this skill, it does damage to EVERYONE ALL THE TIME' and I assume that's hard to balance.


                        It's noted after the changes to lightning bolt that it gives at least two to three spam for a less of mana cost his able to be viable again.. and to further extend easy to lend split earth... Great wave clearance also in this meta patches,he kinda outshine Lina due to solo push tower as further case in esl Birmingham yesterday


                          Balance demands it!