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4pos pudge/grim only
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        If your team is passive and afk all game, he will always have space for kills. If your team play as a team and dont split he cant do much. Hero has insane dps early and late but other heroes as lancer, am etc. are much better. I see this clinkz has no orchid but i guess it is cause of enemy picks but i still think orchid is very good on him.

        lexdoggy dogg

          I played in the past aginst very good clinkz players, they own early game alsmot 90% of the time and yet they menage to lose game after ( even with some godly kda). Clinkz falls off really hard as game proceeds.

          Chikipayo's just a Racoon...

            Exactly what lex says. Clinkz in a 5v5 fight is pretty much ignored or easily shut down with 1 disable.

            NiiHao Motherfuckers

              Farm 30 min get orchid,bkb,deso
              GG end


                I play clinkz all the time


                  I play!

                  Appendix Vermiformis

                    Ok clinkz might never be picked on pro scene. But now lets talk about how Tiny winrate are below 40% despite his previous winrate are almost 50%. And also Bloodseeker, don't forget him

                    Eadles Llamvs

                      Pretty sure being able to evade 4 of sven's strikes while he's red is very useful..


                        If only Sven actually threw his sword(

                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                          I'd say the biggest reason he isn't seen much is his niche status. For instance, if you were playing either him or nyx, most of the time you'd be able to do enough damage with nyx to get the job done. Sure, clinkz does MORE damage, but it's often more damage than is necessary. So yeah, too many eggs in one basket.

                          MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                            @KawaiiSocks ^^


                              "Why nobody picks wyvern on pro-scene and how to fix that"
                              Would love such content. Pleez senpai.
                              Attract some attention to the winter waifu.


                                I do agree that clinkz falls off lategame in teamfights, I do like to situationally pickup a blink dagger on him. I think he can do well at assassinating the backline which can swing fights, but getting to the backline can be troublesome, and the blink helps in this regard. The question is, when do you pick it up?


                                  the more i read this dotabuff articles the more i realize the writer is write them by his own interests , simply the hero that writer likes is
                                  god and the hero writer hate sucks. writer : gyro got buffed he is OP he must be nerfed , slark got buff and he say : He is not op he is the best ( i like slark i can't deal with gyro) spectre :59% winrate in +5k writer now : she is slow she is useless , clinkz the same and even less : clinkz the best he must be in pro games .. illogical.

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                                    ^^ I actually can't understand what you are saying. Is this even english?

                                    Jack Attack

                                      Actually appreciated this article providing some insight on a widely ignored hero.


                                        Clinkz is so clunky, boring to play and one dimensitonal that's all I have to say xd

                                        The Komeijis

                                          New clinks feels so clunky, a lvl 1 strafe now only provides 80 atk speed for 3.5 scnds instead of 140 atk speed for 4 scnds and u would need at least 2 lvl of strafe to have 140 atk speed and make this hero works again, while u know leveling strafe at lvl 2 would requires lvl 8 unless he maxed strafe before searing arrow, this reduces his early capabilities badly.

                                          In a Straight Line

                                            No one plays Clinkz? Bullshit! He's 59th in popularity according to dotabuff! I love Clinkz, don't get me wrong. My other favorite heroes are scattered but I know the ones that are actually barely played and the ones that aren't. I might not see many Spectre's in my games but I know she's picked often enough she's at 42 popularity right now. Same with Clockwerk and Terrorblade, they may not be in the top half of the popular heroes, but their both sitting at 61st and 78th, respectively. Now looking at Heroes like Enchantress (99th), Winter Wyvern (100th), Elder Titan (104th), Brewmaster (107th), Arc Warden (113th), and most of all Visage, who was literally the least played hero before people realized he was actually dominating as a Carry. At no level of MMR is Clinkz at a pickrate under 7%. He's a solid choice so why such a bad Title to this article? Clickbait? If so then I get it, you definitely got me there. LOL


                                              If you read the article, you can see the author talks about the tournament scene and most of his articles are focused on that. Also when he analyze something he doesn't just do it on how much he likes the hero but on the numbers provided. The core of this article is, since clinz looks pretty good in pubs, why he isn't picked in the tournament scene?
                                              Some hypothesis are then presented.

                                              सिद्धार्थ পাল

                                                Level 10 talent - remake to give clinkz lifesteal which will be more effective.


                                                  Clinkz one love


                                                    only reason to not pick clinkz is probably zeus's soaring winrates

                                                    The Sheriff Of Paddy's

                                                      i main clinkz

                                                      Cute Anime Girl~★

                                                        @XIII ah, there just got to be a hate-on-the-article-writer comment on every single thread eh? Maybe you twts should try to make your own threads and try to top theirs


                                                          Clinkz is simply not picked in pro play because teams can very easily shut him down with counterpicks and teamplay. He is picked in pubs because random players do not follow the same playstyle as pro teams do, random people playing random heroes.


                                                            you guys literally wrote this same shit 3 years ago.

                                                            Tu tayta

                                                              ^ The game just 9 months ago was completely different to how it is now.


                                                                I just hit 1k games of Clinkz, 64%-ish winrate, & was ranked on dotabuff for a little while as 72nd. I say all this not for praise but to show context.

                                                                Someone made a comment about how clinkz is terrible in teamfights or when your opponent wants to group. Thats correct if youre behind. But if you're not behind, it's easy gg. In fact the moment I get my, Deso 12-15 mins (varies), I chat wheel "group-up" a few times. I let the teamfight start, then go once im confident I can strafe without getting stunned. Generally speaking (situational) I focus the heroes that have stuns or CC that havent cast there abilities. Of course I play a little more aggro with BKB.

                                                                Tips form my 1k games. . .
                                                                o Safelane carry (or mid)
                                                                o When you are not last-hitting, "cast" (so you do not aggo wave) searing arrows onto your lane match-up as much as possible.
                                                                o Build in-order (almost always): RoA, Brown Boots, Blight Stone, Med of Courage (if going), Blight Stone (if went MoC), Treads, Desolator.
                                                                o Item based on priority: BKB, MKB, Solar Crest, Linkens, Hurricane Pike, etc. . .

                                                                If you are behind/ cant kill quickly enough go crystalys into daedulus

                                                                Attempt getting your lanes tower down by 8 mins & go to the next ones (gank the heroes in the lane along the way)

                                                                Almost never fight without ulty. Your ult is so important.

                                                                - Lạc Lối -

                                                                  "He is strong like this, he is strong like that... Blah blah blah..."

                                                                  Oh c'mon, he is great at ganking and snowballs AF if gets many kills early, but what happens if he cant gank people? An useless underfarmed skeleton is the answer =)) he has no tools for flash farming like Luna or Gyro, if the enemy team plays defensively, our Clinkz NW will be very, very weak.

                                                                  And even if Clinkz got some kills but his NW does not own enemy cores, he will still be weak AF. His kits are suitable to shutdown completely one target and that's all, but Gyro and Luna can spread nightmare on entire enemy lineup while still being able to deal an enormous amount of dmg for a single target.

                                                                  A suitable solution is to make Clinkz's strafe dodge both basic atks and spells, and make one of his lvl 10 talent "strafe hit 2 more targets" and maybe some teams will show him mercy

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                                                                    Kinda like drow.. nobody plays her as well,but because it's aura shes still fit certain lineup... But horrible wave clearance.. there's no possible to solve it as the creep wave will fall on you passed the 40 min mark and all hell will collapse... Same goes with slark,people need to interrogate with push lane will he does the killing on the map.. but if his behind,he would just be behind... The patches is so unforgiving withe extra catapult and creep wave it just literally collapse the hero..

                                                                    aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                                      no flashfarm, if can't snowball by killing supports, -25.


                                                                        hate this hero.


                                                                          Рот ебал


                                                                            I'm top in it! add me to know how to play with this hero

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                                                                              Clinkz helped me up my MMR though hahaha


                                                                                He's a pub star for sure; but in high MMR or pro games, invis isn't a viable initiation method. What he is good for is sieging high ground at 20 minutes when you hit a timing.


                                                                                  Fkn love this hero!

                                                                                  A big reason why he's not played in pro-scene is because his ultimate can be played around by top tier players. They will usually spot clinkz first and then see he's ult is due to run out in 30 seconds. SO they smoke at 15 and start a team fight, so clinkz will be forced to fight as the squishy fuck he is without 6 or run off and eat a creep and come back to the fight that looks how a 4v5 will usually look..

                                                                                  Im sure this introduces counter play, like allied HotD creeps following him around and Bone Boy waiting to use it, but then he's vunerable, and farms slower.

                                                                                  I think he's just a bit unreliable, needs a good draft soley based around him, HAS to snowball and there's just better options out there. Slark being one of them..


                                                                                    Funny that this is a post, because I've been spamming the fuck outta him recently. He's great.

                                                                                    Gentleman Johnny


                                                                                      The author's point isn't that he is unplayable, but that he is completely ignored at high mmr and pro levels. He is like Ursa in the sense that he is a pub stomper. He prays on teams that don't group, and don't get wards/dust, and may be slow to react to a strafed surprise and allow you to free farm.


                                                                                        i'm a clinkz lover, this blog is very true. well done. i stop playing for more than a year. see my activity:

                                                                                        I rise from herald 2 to crusader 3 in just 20 days. see my winrate trends from 43% to 60%. someday, if i reached somewhere at ancient medal, I'll write a full blog on how pro's play clinkz. based from what I've learnt watching high level clinkz player, very much aware now on their itemization, its like most of them follow certain formula ^^, i think only clinkz lover knows... when and the right timing to buy orchid, deso, & nullifier.

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                                                                                          Maelstrom for team fights ! :D [20th]

                                                                                          Don Fuego

                                                                                            Why is Clinkz a 'good counter to the most popular item of the pro-circuit, Helm of the Dominator'?