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    My second first


      "Mane assumed that the spireling and spiderite rework"
      Typo on spiderling :)


        yeah patch really hit the right spot
        we see alot of new heroes in EPICENTER which is really great.

        but for the love of frog... please buff sven more

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          No mention of wisp change and the uproar it is causing among the teeny tiny group of players that play wisp. This topic could become a blogpost all on its own if you want to dive deeper into it. I hope you consider it. I know wisp isn't popular among players but a blogpost sure could help him come into the limelight. also now that he is a lot less complex (& weaker i would argue) learning him is a lot easier


            the worst nerf on tb was reflection being dispellable.
            can no longer counter am and pl.


              nice buff on sven so big change helped hero so much.
              only thing that can help is : warcry gives more movespeed or status resistance


                Sven does not need a buff. He is already good. He almost has a 50% winrate. Any buff on Sven would probably make Sven overpowered.


                  why many people considered wisp nerfed this patch?
                  I find IO a lot easier to play in patch 7.14, unlimited tether, tether same movespeed (means IO can skip boots), spirit slows enemies, 25% exp talent at lvl 10, and str rework.
                  Before this patch I find IO very hard to play since u have to manage tether duration, and position yourself because your tethered target a lot faster than you, spirit has 2 more buttons, lvl 15 talent is hard to reach (agha talent is one of my reason trying IO back then),
                  Now, with just 3 base dmg reduction and slightly lower heal of lvl 1 tether, and lower speed boost, IO got so many buffs.


                    people complain about io being easier to play but having less potential on spirits, since now you cant controle them as freely as you could. personally i think io is about supporting the core and most of its insane plays all com from relocates and good survivability from io, not amazing balls controls

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                      This redactor is worst db have,there is so much happening about wisp and not even mentioned,Kawaisucks as usual.


                        I don't think IO is nerfed it's buffed really spirits being able to slow is a huge buff vs it's control with only a few could use not to mention spirits was the most useless ability of the hero before being changed really


                          Worst patch ever.


                            Nothing about Tiny 37% win rate since 7.14?


                              Reivax, Lmao, now that u mention it, i checked and found out indeed tiny have 37% winrate.
                              He is nerfed to the point where 1 cleave hero a lot better than him.
                              I mean, changed splash from 100% to 30/40/50/60 %? early potential already annihilated, even more lategame.
                              if the nerf was 40/60/80/100, it is understandable since, it means tiny player need to max out tree grab first. Now, he is a lot worse than sven, who have a default 66% cleave permanently when maxed.

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                                balanced clinkz and visage


                                  Tiny is a very sensitive hero (much like pugna during the older days). Too much nerf and now he is ~37% winrate. Too much buff he is ~52% winrate. Tiny is one of my first hero during dota allstar where his 3rd ability still tree grab And then to craggy ext. And back again to tree grab in this patch but he seriously need some buff (or at least buff his core item)

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                                    Does anybody edit these? There are always errors, but this article was especially bad. "Mane assumed that the spireling and spiderite rework," ffs there are two in this one sentence fragment alone. There were others as well. I still love what this site offers as a whole, but the pretty egregious errors by the writers of the articles is kind of frustrating. Idk, maybe I'm just a grammar-nazi and it doesn't bother anybody else, but still...get your s*** together before you publish.


                                      Nice article.


                                        You should really mention the atrocity that is the Io rework. They should not be running heroes for the sake of making them accessible. There should be heroes like Io who are challenging and hard to master. Otherwise, what is there to play for?


                                          i have no doubt writers of site hate spectre , they don't even mention she is 57.38% winrate in +5k bracket , she Rocks these days ..

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                                            Upvoting the last comment ^^ - Spectre is always teetering amongst the top winrate heroes of DotA, but especially as of late has she seemed to dominate pubs. One of the few carries I'm decent at, I'm glad to see her regain momentum. A more interesting winrate to observe is that of Vengeful Spirit's - in the lower mmr bracket she sits at the highest winrate while falling into 35th at higher mmrs. This always brings a smile to me to be reminded of what a unique game DotA is. There are no "good" heroes, no "bad" ones, only players who make up a community offering their own abilities. Icefrog doesn't make the meta. We do, and that's something I don't take for granted. If you take a look at LoL's champion winrates, you'll see little difference among mmrs.

                                            Speaking of winrates,

                                            Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 31.60% win rate. This is unacceptable. It is our duty as fellow gamers of the DotA 2 community to put this item in the position of power it deserves. It has been there for us when we needed mana for reincarnation, when we had that clutch nyx stun saving our teammate's life, and when we accidentally used it in fountain before the runes even spawned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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                                              Spectre always rocks and sits over 55% wr as long as I remember playing Dota (more then 4 years), the hero design itself is strong in pubs and she has almost no weakness. I have 66% wr and 130 games with her. She is realiable and practically autowin hero if you manage to farm radiance and your team isn't losing too hard. She can get early kills, her build is versatile, she damages a lot in teamfight and she is almost impossible to kill in late game. After talent system she became even more stronger with these buffs.


                                                @tfw no gallavich ❤ they mention spectre in the review of 7.14 now you dont really need the radiance and you can be more active with just stats and manta is cheaper now