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      66.7% winrate on DP wtf ?

      Supp0rt No Salt

        Abed also killed three of Mineski enabling the Roshan steal to transition to the game ending push


          Why did Valve instruct MDL to invite EHOME but not Keen Gaming? If they were also banned from qualifying because they took in ex-Wings players? That means they were also unfairly excluded from having a chance to qualify.


            ^i wish I knew, I find that extremely unfair as well


              My best guess for this is that EHOME should have automatically been in DPL because they won last year whereas keen maybe would not have made it into DPL regardless of a ban. But yeah it does seem a little strange.

              love your supp

                Keen Gaming didn't take ex-Wings players; shadow formed Eclipse, faith_bian and y` went to EHOME, bLink and iceice took a rest and later joined Sun Gaming. (source: Liquipedia)

                Chanandler Bong

                  Seems like this EHOME team has to move regions in order to compete in minors and majors. Doesn't the ACE host all qualification events in the Chinese region?

                  Seems like this ban is useless anyways, since Wings Gamings hasn't picked up a DOTA team since the departure of the TI winning lineup. Even though the players are banned from ACE, it seems like Wings and an organization is not what it used to be in that region. Or any region for that matter, the way they allegedly treated their players in terms of payments etc. is preposterous.

                  envie de pleurer

                    so is wings-prob still a thing rn?


                      Ah, so Keen Gaming's ban wasn't for taking in ACE banned players?

                      love your supp

                        I think Keen Gaming was banned because they used to be EHOME.Keen before separating


                          ACE banned all teams belonging to EHOME; EHOME and KG belongs to the same esports group, similar like LGD and LFY