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    Admin , For Fnatic post Offlane player is Ohaiyo, not eLeven lol.


      Still no wings players?

      Haud Ignota Loquor

        Why is Eleven in here twice? 😂😂


          Where is NaVi?


            C9 did not win WESG 2016, that was TNC.


              yeah its ohaiyo not eLevEn playing for fnatic slight mistake but great article nonetheless


                whoops, thanks!

                Jack Attack

                  Puppey seems to kick someone from the team after every single event as if everyone else is to blame but him.


                    re: Wings players - Faith_bian and y' are still playing for EHOME


                      Didn't mention the new lineup for complexity?

                      LOL jk, no one cares about complexity :chuckle:

                      Sh@li N!vekas

                        where is navi's roster??


                          Typo: 'In addition, midl aner Zeng 'OriOri' Jiaoyang'

                          Should be "midlaner"


                            @anomalina: Focus here was on teams and players that attended TI, or just rly big names like Mushi/LaNm

                            I did indeed forget to copy paste over Na'Vi, but it's in now.

                            SPUNKY SPUTNIK

                              Great Article!

                              MY CLAWS THEY BITE!

                                Good update! I thought Navi would bring in Resolut1on after Ti but that didn't happen :(

                                Lord Stark

                                  there were rumors soon after ti that reso would join og. i personally thought he should. he singlehandedly eliminated eg i think from ti. he deserves better


                                    Yah not to fanboy TnC, but for the sake of a correct article, Danish Bears/C9 were runners-up at WESG2016 to TnC.
                                    Edit: Great article to compress the "important" roster changes, I've constantly checked other websites for news on the topic, nice that it's been rounded out here

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                                    Capt. Steel

                                      where is [A]lliance? [A]lliance gonna win next TI ! :\ :\

                                      Oh, you touch my tralala

                                        Nah, next TI is Chinese. As every even-numbered TI. :(


                                          fan favourite Envy XD 50-50