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    nice article

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        WHY WINGS???? :((( THE DIRECT INVITE THO. ooops didnt notice i am third.


          ^haha, as long as you say something relevant to the article, calling "first" or "third" is fine, wp
          Wings were so powerful because of how diverse the meta and hero pool of TI6 was. At Boston, when the meta finally started to stabilize into the SD-Luna style, they couldn't run their chaotic drafts anymore.

          P. Escobar

            Hope they players of wings do make a comeback in the scene.


              They'll have trouble to as they're banned from china's competitions, so giving them the chance to enter a team is limited now


                hard to find sponsors as well

                Wayful Spirit

                  Every patch has its own constraints. It's stupid to not consider this constraints and expect to succeed. So I think it's bad to be as conservative as IG, it's good to be as dynamic as EG and it's stupid to be Wings. Sorry, I never liked them and I believe they were a flash in the pan.

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                  Han Solo (shoots first)

                    They were so fun to watch!

                    MM.Brock Hall

                      @Fight Machine

                      I don't think anyone can really argue that they weren't flashes in the pan, but honestly most TI winners have been exactly that. Alliance, Newbee, I think Wings, Maybe even IG (I'd have to look it up) all formed their main core group the year that they won. If you take runners up into the mix too you can add at least CDEC and DC, and I think even EHOME and VG (the only other runner up is Na'Vi). Up until this recent announcement for the 2018 season, you could make the argument that the only real success comes from being a flash in the pan, a team that intends to only be together for a single year.

                      That mentality I think will change as the new system makes consistency less of a concept that some teams adhere to (Liquid, EG, OG sort of) and more of a soft requirement. It's healthy for the scene because it really should reduce the amount of underdog stories that we see, thus rewarding true skill over luck a healthy chunk more. Any remaining underdog stories will be easier to credit to hard work instead of the result of hidden strategies and dumb luck.


                        they were so unpredictable too

                        Team Serenity

                          i miss wings


                            Biggest prediction i have ever done. Its very sad now


                              Sometimes I just like to appreciate we're in an era we have every TI game on YouTube so we can revive Wings eventually... Same for that 2014 DK or ppd's EG...

                              1-IceTea 🌟

                                Midone 10K too fast,his performance gonna drop at TI😢

                                1-IceTea 🌟

                                  Mean while where is Miracle-?


                                    miracle is 500 mmr behind 10k, but really who cares... eu pubs are stacked as fuck, wonder why abed got 10k on NA since there are no players to comete against him (next highest mmr pro would be rtz)


                                      ^MidOne reached 9K in EU and climbed there, finished the final ~400 MMR for 10K in SEA.

                                      poפ plɐɹǝH

                                        Nice article fam, 10/10 would read again


                                          wings was my favorite team to watch, sad they're gone :(

                                          force staff

                                            Last sentence is just sad man

                                            Alien Righteousness

                                              Wings will not go down in history as the greatest team of all time -- you need more than a TI win to do that. But certainly at this point there was never a team so dominant at any major Valve event.


                                                3 years playing dota, cant reach 4k... stuck in 3k sea lol


                                                  I wished they all moved overseas and started playing together again..

                                                  A s S t H e T h i C C

                                                    Nice article. I miss Wings Gaming. :( I just wished they still stick together and probably move outside of CN to play. I know for a fact that there's a ton of organization that is willing to sponsor them.

                                                    But for now, I think VP is getting close in being the next WINGS with the way they draft and play and their hero pool is really large just see their performance in the recently concluded Summit.


                                                      i actually feel sad when i saw the title :(


                                                        Still salty with ACE decision :"(


                                                          You can knock on any of the past TI winners save Wings. NaVi were kings during a time when the hero pool was woefully limited, and Alliance, IG, and Newbee were powered by the meta or lived and died by their one or two main strats, whatever you choose. EG don't necessarily fall into any of those categories, but their pool was also limited by the meta (Fear was spamming gyro IIRC) and competition was less than stellar.
                                                          Wings had all the ingredients they needed to make their legend. They could play any style, they were versatile, and as far as tourneys go TI6 was replete with capable challengers. There's DC with the cinderella run, the upstart SEA teams (MVP, Fnatic, TNC), a two-time major winner, and the defending champions who weren't necessarily stuttering during the tournament

                                                          MM.Brock Hall

                                                            @I WANT TO DIE

                                                            I think you're making it sound more legendary than it really was. I remember people predicting Wings, OG, EG, in that order. Everyone else wasn't given much thought, and it ended up basically being a repeat of the previous TI when CDEC was calmly handled by EG in the finals.

                                                            Na'Vi won TI with limited heroes but it was still a level playing field. What impresses is that they made it to the grand finals for the next two internationals. EG has come close to this feat with two 3rd place finishes, but everyone else crashed and burned after their TI win. It's great that you love them, but if they were so much different than all the other TI winners, impervious to patch changes etc, why did they crash and burn like almost every other TI winner?


                                                              ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY

                                                              bureau of suport tax

                                                                Title makes me sad

                                                                Che Guevara

                                                                  back then when miracle hit 9k everyone said that og will win the international and whenever i told them i know wings will win they said u are retarded or sth
                                                                  disband made me so sad :(