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(don't) respect women



      Second :(

      Increasing frostbite cool down or lowering/removing its damage is enough imho

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      im an idiot


        very good csgo player


          KILLER QUEEN

            probably nerfs to cm aura

            Wake me up inside

     step upgraded

              1-IceTea 🌟


                Brünk Hüll

                  Even though the nerfs helped, I think MK was popular because he was new and his skillset was unique. Players took advantage of the fact that people weren't used to facing him yet and that made all the difference between DAC and the Major.

                  CM will likely get a hit to her aura in the next patch, and even though Treant, Warlock, Ember, and Legion were top picks, they had middling success at the tournament. They shouldn't see much changes. Honestly that's kind of the big story of the tournament to me: most of the contested heroes didn't live up to their value. Lina fared worse than MK, Ember was under 500, and Legion cracked 500 by a single game. Those are pretty crazy numbers really.


                    Inb4 my spectre gets nerfed

                    Bad Monkey

                      10th and surely LC was misused by VP


                        My girl CM most likely will be nerfed, sad 😔




                            Midas is really getting out of hand(pun intended). Both in pubs and pro scene.


                              Dayum I'm so glad I was right thinking Lina and MK are so overrated


                                Please god don't nerf CM or her aura. She just got good


                                  They should not always nerf heroes into their graveyard.. But instead think about buffing other heroes aswell


                                    Nerf Terrorblade and TA BlessRNG I mean whenever team picked atleast one of them they have won. (around 90% wr)


                                      Visage most picked when?


                                        1)Monkey King and Tusk were both LITERALLY useless. The first one because nobody played him as carry (he is a carry) and his highest utility was the outstanding unobstructed tree vision and the amazing stun (wow). Tusk was ever more useless because it was played as a farmless utility hero (aka no damage, aka useless in everything but the snowball) and the only decent thing he could do (save people with snowball) resulted to be a complete failure.

                                        So: MK and Tusk: useless

                                        2)Omni and Venge carry. Omni. And Venge. Carry. enough said.

                                        3)Kunkka support. See point 2. (And you are gonna say "aaah, but you are wrong! Kunkka support is very very useful! In the laning phase you use X + torrent so you can stun and kill people, and then when you get your boat you can help your allies and if you land it, you can even stu nand damage the enemies!" And i am like yeah and... what about I don't know... his damage? His second spell is useless because he can't even clear waves since h'es not supposed to farm them because he is a support; he does not have any defensive / protective / stun whatever spell for his allies. The boat? even if you hit, 600 magical damage is nothing in the middle- late game + % chance of actually hitting enemies = big nope).

                                        So: Kunkka = useless overally

                                        4)Slardar utility: nobody almost picked him. maybe they realized that slardar is actually fucking trash at utility. Maybe. One day they might even realize he is a carry. Maybe.

                                        5)The rest: at least we had a bit higher hero variety, but at the end of the day every team picked almost always the same heroes. Very boring for me.

                                        P.S. This is my opinion.

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                                          @Liu Kang, Removing Frost bite damage or reducing it significantly will kill the hero, removing the back up jungle option.

                                          Wiegers D
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                                            Brünk Hüll


                                              The concept of playing MK as a roaming support is sound though. He functions much like a Bounty or Riki, both of which have successfully made the transition from laners to roamers in the past couple years. MKs skillset may have an auto attack based skill, but it becomes more potent later on in the game when he gets his basher, which is his game changing item (much like blink is game changing for batrider). I agree that the hero on paper makes more sense as a carry, as does riki and possibly even bounty, but all three suffer from poor farming and don't have the stats or skills gain to make up for it enough to be given priority farm. Slardar made the same change too come to think of it, and with small tweaks any one of these heroes could switch back over to a core position. That's something Venge has been doing for a long time.

                                              Don't get me wrong: MK is trash right now for sure, but it's not because people are using him incorrectly. It's just because he's trash.


                                                They should not always nerf heroes into their graveyard.. But instead think about buffing other heroes aswell (2)


                                                  That's why I think mr IceFrog ahould do something about it, Brock. I am tired of seeing these things... they make my will of watching a tournament completely go away.


                                                    I'm actually more worried about Troll, lol. His one and only weak point gets nullified after BKB purchase.


                                                      They should not always nerf heroes into their graveyard.. But instead think about buffing other heroes aswell (3)