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Aurora castora





        aw 3rd!

        Zinger Burger

          lucky 4th


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              6Th MothaFuckaz !



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                  8th and counting


                    shit 9thhhh


                      In the last 6th paragraph " The two heroes next in line for most picked are hero=vengeful-spirit and hero=warlock."

                      looks like the author had some problems with the coding lol

                      bùm chíu

                        MK is most picked FROM DAC. This is very misleading since we are talking about the Major......

                        I stand alone

                          XD...thats true angrykuku.


                            I'd like to point out the fact that even though Monkey King was picked so often, he has an abysmal winrate. However, when he is banned, he has a high winrate (meaning its good for your team when he is banned). This only shows why he is being called out as OP. He is so new to Dota not just in terms of time but in his abilities. No hero can manipulate trees the way he does, even though treant, furion and timbersaw depend on trees to function.

                            I think what happens is, when picked, he provides the team with so much vision, ganking potential and mobility that he wins the early game for them, but even with a basher and Wukong's command, doesnt do THAT much in the late game. Remember, every time he casts his ultimate, even from a tree, he has to climb down. And with the current popular build, he is very squishy and does end up feeding quite a lot.

                            When he is banned however, the whole flying vision, ultra mobility roaming support goes out the game. Even if you pick Riki and Earth Spirit, the game isnt the same. So it clearly favours your team, especially if you are the ones who banned it against a strong MK player (eg. Boboka). Either way I think this hero is fairly balanced at the moment and there really are tons of ways of dealing with him. Pub players just need to expand their hero pools and observe pro plays a bit more.

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                                16th. Just og


                                  @ L0N3Ly
                                  "Monkey King RETAINS his position as most picked hero from DAC"

                                  Please explain how this statement is misleading, since he retains most picked status...

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                                    TnC beats NA(EG, Thunderbirds, DC), but they lose to their SEA neighbors Faceless, only 1 win from last 4 matches. And would you look at that; they got drawn against Faceless in the 1st round of the main event. Feelsbadman, from a pinoy xD
                                    At least there will be one SEA team for sure in the quarter finals

                                    Also, why are Liquid struggling so much? Too many 9k pubstars? Shouldn't be happening; Miracle and Matu have been playing in Tier 1 for a quite a while now. Only GH should be excused. "It's Kuroky and Mind_Control's fault, need full team of 9K or GTFO" kappa

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                                    Brünk Hüll

                                      Looking at how MK is highly contested but doesn't win much is pretty telling of the situation. He has a unique selling point that is too good to pass up in the eyes of many teams but the problem is that it's clunky in practice. Jumping from tree to tree procs a cooldown where he is stuck to that tree for I think .5 sec and that means you can't react as quickly as you want to, so he often feels clunky, kind of like jakiro or kunkka.

                                      CM on the other hand is finally seeing play. Having a teammate that regularly plays CM has taught me how stifling the game feels when you can't spam your spells when you don't have her aura. She is an early game monster, but more than that, she allows other heroes to be stronger earlier. Example: an offlane weaver can shukuchi whenever necessary especially with the inclusion of shrines, allowing the hero to feel like he has a 4 min farm advantage on the opposing heroes. It translates into far more last hits and a couple extra kill windows on the safelane supports. And every lane gets that. In some situations it removes the need for bottle in mid or allows some heroes to play in mid where otherwise they couldn't.


                                        rat doto is baack nature prophet will eat towers


                                          Spectre can be considered a "counter rat" too.

                                          айсфрог гнида хуесос умри

                                            азаза наве соснули(на самом деле грустно

                                            I stand alone

                                              Usually icefrog likes to balance the game...and now with the patch he made for the Midas he must be like....ah shit, midas gold will get reduced again post tournament.

                                              Brünk Hüll


                                                Part of the reason midas is popular right now is the lower amount of farm available across the map. When you reduce the jungle farm available you increase the necessity for heroes to have the item. On top of that, split pushers love midas so it's more that the splitters are popular rather than the midas itself being OP. I think.

                                                айсфрог гнида хуесос умри

                                                  Где перевод блять сука

                                                  LenOst ogre magi irl

                                                    35% winrate MK... That happens when you overnerf hero & don't fix clunky tree dance.


                                                      How is the playoff games picked from the swiss results?


                                                        а по русски?