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Bastard Magnet

    First! Holy Shit!!!


      Secong PogChamp


        why the first one is always a 2k? :v


          4th ??? :-)



            Basshunter's Papa

              Oh no.. Retarded midas Abaddons incoming. Too bad cause that's not how you play the hero.


                really dude


                  Abaddon becoming meta. Poor 3k and lower brackets.

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                    The Robot Devil

                      It's hard to get the farming space on him in pubs, so the Midas + exp strat seems really good. And since the pros are doing it ... depends on the game of course, but if its looking like it will go mid-late, totally worth.


                        good to be offlane, but poor as carry. presented by aui2000.


                          Surprised it took so long to figure out.

                          Alien Righteousness

                            Abaddon has always been considered best in the offlane. I can't remember a time when his win rate was higher anywhere else.

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                              abbadon is a super tanky i think

                              mode : YOSI



                                  i have had ridiculous success with the midas radi build


                                    "Naturally, the void had to be filled"

                                    Pun intended? :)

                                    The Masochist

                                      abaddon excels in prolonged team fights and enemy teams with long duration stuns/ Debuffs once he gets his aghs in a timely manner your team is diffucult to kill.

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                                        Broken op Hero f*ck that s*it (Pick it more, I am Slark abuser Kappa123)


                                          "New Meta"

                                          Master Q

                                            AT LAST, FROST MORNE HUNGER


                                              > A detailed and well-argumented look on the efficiency of a new hero build, used successfully by high-tier teams
                                              > 3k mastermind Mr.Grieves: 'retarded, that's not how you play'

                                              Sorry Kawaii, you got rekt


                                                New meta? Like 3 years old


                                                  i mean np was like drafting this at boston. I'm pretty sure theres very little new about it.

                                                  Obi Wan

                                                    i have been doing core aba for some time in pubs and have high win rate glad to see him picked in pro games now


                                                      new?thats been around since the hero released :P


                                                        "New meta: offlane Abaddon".


                                                        Abaddon IS and HAS ALWAYS BEEN an offlaner. *facepalm*


                                                          Abbadon is and always was an offlane hero, I am glad however Kawai gave Abbadon the spotlight with this article though! Been playing him offlane with 67% winrate for a long time.

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                                                          I love Hina more than you

                                                            when I see offlane aba get midas and radiance without attending team fight and bad score, i realy want to report that ass

                                                            🌳Cosby Sweater 🌳

                                                              I like abaddon because he is flexible and dynamic enough to evolve with each match. This is important because people in pubs don't always play their hero competently. Tank is afk jungle all game, Abby can tank. Support not buying wards, Abby isn't reliant on expensive items and can pitch in. Lanes not getting pushed, shield the creeps and push the lanes. If you can read what's happening, you can respond with abbadon. Buy aura items, get items that slow targets, and bash the hell out of the enemy = win

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                                                                abba is so good in pubs man, winning most games. Love to play him and just play aggressive :)


                                                                  on 25 lvl with octarine - its a absolutly different hero now. And he deals tons of dmg\heal


                                                                    Wish: I can like comments

                                                                    M Sad -

                                                                      YEAH. SO GOOD IN PUB


                                                                        Retards need to stop building Midas Radiance on Abaddon. NA players obviously have no idea that Phase ---> Vlads ---> Echo Sabre is the easiest win ever.

                                                                        Brünk Hüll

                                                                          I think the 'new meta' tag is not saying that offlane is new for aba, but instead that aba is a new addition to the meta.

                                                                          Looking at the counter list on Dota2 Wiki is pretty revealing for the popularity of the hero as well. High burst heroes like Lion, OD, Axe are all unpopular at the moment, and if you plan to run Aba you can ban out any potential burst heroes that might be strong enough to run like Lina. A lot of high attack speed heroes are popluar like LS, Alch, and Jugg (although shotgun LD is faded) which is glorious for him because the low/medium damage of each hit won't be enough to kill before an ult trigger.

                                                                          I do think the radiance is a bit expensive for him to farm up as he is trying to rush xp to 25 to close the game out early and he isn't the world's best wave clearer, but the amount of time he will be on the battlefield means it's going to be effective if the tide turns against you should you purchase it.

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                                                                            ^Wise words from a bot match pro. Lol!

                                                                            Brünk Hüll

                                                                              What part didn't you like?


                                                                                People already played aba offlane a long time ago, i still remembered the super slow build as well as the aura carrier build. But saying that aba offlane is the new meta is wrong because it actually an old meta

                                                                                Corey Feldman Invented Music

                                                                                  I approve of this.


                                                                                    LUL! I KNEW IT! Check my profile xDD Abaddon gaming from 3.1 to 4.2


                                                                                      retard abaddon picks hand of midas without picking +20% exp gain

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                                                                                        puro puro chantaje puro puro chantaje!


                                                                                          I don't see how hand of midas is valuable on Abaddon since hand of midas got nerfted in 7.05 and the 25 damage talent has a higher win rate, maybe situationally but I don't see it as a regular build.

                                                                                          Brünk Hüll


                                                                                            This was written just before the nerf, but the nerf is a situational nerf. Unfortunately it probably ends up being a nerf to the situation Aba is in.

                                                                                            Gothmog the Evil of Hell

                                                                                              I did 175k damage as abbadon yesterday lol, the midas + radiance build is fucking insane with the octarine core, dem lifesteal
                                                                                              Is op, with lotus orb tinker is killing himself xd.


                                                                                                Wtf it took you 3 years to figure out abadon can oflane

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                                                                                                  Hand of Midas has been nerfed

                                                                                                  Лена Шадоу Блэйд

                                                                                                    Tnx 4 info man ^^


                                                                                                      offlane abaddon for posers, abaddon support for truly saint people
                                                                                                      though this radiance/octarine build is really funny