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          Pretty standard, I'd still call Meepo very niche, but at least he seems more viable now than ever indeed.

          Jōtarō Kūjō

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              axe mid ftw

              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                I've seen some good play coming out of troll as of late. He does well in split pushing where others don't because he can burst a tower down fast enough to avoid being caught from a shrine tp, and he can quickly hit six in the midlane and augment a push in a separate lane.


                  Visage too is a solid midlaner with good survival and reliant on early level 6 to dominate enemy mid. Even if he fuck up or zoned by early ganks. He can't survive the hardlaner life, nor being the pos 5 wardbitch. And pos 4 is not enough to unleash his potential.

                  The only problem is to convince your team to have the midlane and the confidence. He is up there with zeus and needs his early snowball item early to sologank.


                    9th !!!


                      naga is awesome mid, still she doesn't really control the pace of the game till 20 min in though


                        Despite the magic damage roar I still see tons of -armor (slardar) of TA is EXTREMELY Viable here. Thanks for the SF post tho. Glad to see him ack in it.
                        What about Puck? He is a bit more viable now, especially with buffs to magic damage (talents) and more necessity for early team fighting.

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                          damn I was kind of looking for this. Looking for the reason why sf is back in this patch. Didn't expected it was the same tho but with dragon lance.


                            no viper ??? lul

                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                              The same core group of mid heroes keep coming back to the top. It's been forever since I've seen venomancer in mid, or viper, pugna, night stalker. It always seems like there is a place for sf, ember, invoker, and (to a lesser extent) storm spirit and puck. I'd like to see some of these more unique-skilled heroes back into the mix in mid.

                              Ok viper isn't unique-skilled, but that one just needs a rework.

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                                Miss the old days wherein you'd put the huge ult heroes mid(dota 1 far back). The offlaners/supports now: Puck QoP AA Tide Bat DS Lion etc. SF seems to be the only survivor, and it's more for his lategame ability rather than his ult power. I still play mid Lion and AA when with my friends, for memories' sake. But screw me, I've been SF spamming for MMR. Bloodseeker and Pudge also.





                                    I considered bringing in TA, but the data didn't reeeally support it, neither pub nor pro. I do think she's good in this meta though, might do an extra piece on just her at some point

                                    there's also something I forgot to mention, but I guess is also sorta obvious? (Maybe, maybe not, shouldve mentioned it regardless): The laning stage has more emphasis again and SF can either dominate a lane or recover by going back into the jungle. I think the fact that his jungling has become effective again really makes him viable

                                    1-IceTea 🌟

                                      GJ Skim
                                      When you will make a 'Analyzing 7.00-7.02 Top Tier Jungler'? :happy:


                                        no TA? LUL

                                        submit to my rules, peasant

                                          Well, ive known this info before, nothing unknown for me. PS. Noname 1k


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                                                  Erase Humanity

                                                    You really call Meepo and Invoker top tier? I really respect dotabuff blogs but what's wrong with you?


                                                      Another big reason SF is strong going in this meta is his move speed which was buffed quite a lot times and the current 315 ms provides him to gather all these objectives whatever skim has mentioned with ease.... Especially more easier than other mid heroes..


                                                        I'd say meepo and invoked are top tier. A good invoked can near endlessly juggle you throughout the game (shrine tp spot make that pretty big) and a good meepo right now will turn that lvl advantage into farm quickly and be 25 when everyone else is 12- 15. Just that meepo dosent always got cause of draft. Key point is a GOOD meepo and invoker are top tier.


                                                          I missed the time during version 5.xx where there is no such thing as support role hero cant mid. Cm, venge and shadow shaman are famous mid laners those times

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                                                          The Robot Devil

                                                            Guess I gotta learn Invoker and Meepo.


                                                              TA and OD lads


                                                                where is pudge xD

                                                                Erase Humanity

                                                                  I think Invoker is a wonderful and versatile hero that could be part of many different strats. But even if we do not consider the nerfs, he is not favored by the current meta, because he is a late gamer. And meepo. He is neither versatile nor wonderful. He only fits into one scenario which is very fast dota, and he has many solid counters. I think Necro, Tinker, TB, LD, Sniper and Ursa are worthy of mention for top tier mids.


                                                                    No storm?? Lul

                                                                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                      Skim talked about Meepo not because he was the best in the game right now, but because the hero is a game changer. You can certainly counter pick, but much like techies or NS or Pudge, the way you move about the map and take objectives when playing against these heroes is far more unique. Skim makes it clear that the hero isn't a staple of the meta, but makes mention of meepo because it can blindside you, and I think that's worth mentioning.

                                                                      Willy Wynn

                                                                        The new patch 7.xx benefits the heroes each farm less and can fight early in the game. Like ember, ursa, weaver, necro, luna and so on. That's why the heroes each need to farm a lot to fight or to enter in the game are most likely to loose, like medusas, AM, specter and so on. And this all happen because this patch have less 30% farm then before. I notice that with my slark, hero each need to farm a lot in the begging to enter in game properly, slark drop from 51% win rate to 48% overall in dota 2, and was not the only one. You also can notice the games take less time to finish now. The average before was 40/45 minutes per game, now its 30/35 minutes per game. The secret basically its this; you need to pick heroes each farm less and can finish the game fast.


                                                                          no lich?


                                                                            Yep kids these days just follow what they see in Pro gaming, they forgot that other heroes are good in mid like lich. they become close minded and forgot to have freedom to create own playstyle which you are comfortable with

                                                                            Erase Humanity

                                                                              Lich is so good. You could even turn him into a late game right click hard carry with that mini Devine Rapier and mini eye of skadi talent.

                                                                              The Robot Devil

                                                                                Guess I gotta learn carry Lich.


                                                                                  Хуйня под Тони Хоук

                                                                                  Alice Margatroid

                                                                                    lol sometimes i do spectre mid in party ranked match

                                                                                    it's fun tho, because i can win lane against invoker, sf, tinker... etc

                                                                                    well the average MMR is 4,5k in party ranked

                                                                                    i dont do it in solo ranked match, because my teammates will report me hahahah

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                                                                                    Chiai Fujikawa

                                                                                      you forget to include PA, she is good midlaner

                                                                                      Ugandan Pangolier

                                                                                        so caries ? you dont say ? :v


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                                                                                            Slark also a niche pick for midlaner now (?)

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                                                                                                Year ago I won every match agains invoker on Death Prophet and her 3-rd skill wich was pure damage and gave vision


                                                                                                  And now AM mid by miracle is new cancer on sea 😂

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