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      ok LUL

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        stepmania elitist



            What I learnt in this post: nothing LUL



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                7th m'lord

                KamiKarnal 3

                  nice tips. great writing :D


                    Thanks >.</



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                        too edgy7me


                          Wow. I used to play a ton of Weaver and Clinkz, and still play Nyx on occasion, yet never knew that ya could go invis while tp'ing. Laments of a 2k xD


                            cl_dota_alt_unit_movetodirection 1 can someone explain this more?


                              Nice Nice Nice


                                Here you go Roxy: follow that tutorial on how to open up console.
                                After that youll copy and paste that code into the console command.
                                After that, you'll immediately see the difference when you hold alt and move your hero and see the bigger green arrow above him/her


                                  thanks m8

                                  Leffen Fangay

                                    Almost the exact same advice from the dendi video.


                                      not a bad article....

                                      Monkey D.Peutelhoff

                                        Like those posts, more of them plz

                                        Dr. Banana

                                          If I use that command, will alt still show me all those things like spawn boxes, tower range, autocast/normal cast (I combined the keys) etc?

                                          KamiKarnal 3

                                            @Dr. Banana Sure it is! If it eventually don't worked, you still can change the hotkey for the direct pathing in setting. I'm currently using hotkey C for it.

                                            KamiKarnal 3

                                              Btw, the direct pathing can be enabled without using the console. There is an option for direct pathing at the hotkey setting.


                                                pu$$y destroyer xddd - learnt nothing, wonders why he's 1k... feelsbadman


                                                  The invis while tp-ing also applies to furion's teleportation.

                                                  Ulti me harder Daddy

                                                    You should read changelogs more. Spirit breaker no more proces bash with pseudo-random chance.


                                                      ^ i thought they changed it from random to pseudo-random. so its still pseudo-random no?


                                                        force staff with direct pathing is going to be fun

                                                        while (!"false");

                                                          Direct pathing comes handy for Nyx with agh+force. You can move around while burrowed and do stuffs like stunning with carapace.


                                                            toggling Ring of Basilius or Ring of Aquilia to give armor to creeps that might prevent a last hit

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                                                                The suggestion that dropping treads has any benefit at all is wrong, and Morphling has to hit 1hp before increasing healing efficiency using agi morph because it's his health deficit (not percentage) that remains constant.

                                                                [Rising = ~ = Waves]

                                                                  It's a basic.

                                                                  Four-Leaf Clover

                                                                    Basic but important

                                                                    The Real Fake Arc Warden

                                                                      You can also use toggle Armlet and use Shiva's while channeling

                                                                      Is It Secret?

                                                                        One day someone who can speak English will write these articles.


                                                                          хуйня какая-то куча баянов в одном посту


                                                                            Good information for beginners, but I think everyone knows it

                                                                            TDT :)

                                                                              "It’s like a Morphling Morphling who will morph to full agility to maximize his healing."

                                                                              Full agility? Or full strength? There is an error in this sentence I guess.

                                                                              µ's SuBi ♪

                                                                                ^ it's correct. what are you talking about. Change to full agility to regen faster. bruhhh.




                                                                                    ICUP Kappa. ALso you regen faster as morphling is you morph to full strengh and then morph back to full agi

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                                                                                      @the orphanage:

                                                                                      yeah that was a brainfart from me with the treads
                                                                                      RE: Morphling. I just took it out, its not even really the same concept. Not sure why I put it in

                                                                                      @Chicken church:

                                                                                      Greater Bash icon.png Greater Bash​ now uses pseudo-random distribution.


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                                                                                          you don't need to type to stuff in in the console anymore for direct pathing. they added that like 2 patches ago to the options.
                                                                                          in the options under advanced options you can set a key for the direct pathing command.

                                                                                          broken isnt bad.

                                                                                            lul xd


                                                                                              This post is great. I didn't know about half of these lulz


                                                                                                You can toggle basilius/aqulia to get last hits that are under the enemy tower, especially the ranged creep, if somehow the lane pushes


                                                                                                  lol nub get rekt