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    FIRST :d


      how to get very high skill?


        2rd lul


          whos the blond guy in the esc gaming picture?


            where is iG :(


              @nevermind git gud

               Blossom 

                How to Escape 2k?


                  @nevermind get 3.8k


                    Execration is back


                      how to escape 5k ?


                        Not to bash anyone but why is this article downsizing the Execration team? It feels like a little bit too biased on other teams. I admit their far weaker and have less experience compared to other teams but telling that they wouldn't reach this stage if it weren't for the new qualifiers format? Then EHOME Complexity and Escape should also be thankful right?


                          No Diggity!!! (Prefer that name rather than Escape Gaming)


                            I almost thought it was Slacks next to YapzOr, I never expect Khezu would be that fat XD

                            Say Plz ♥

                              You guys got great articles lately, but this is not one of them.

                              The line about Synderen is bugging me.
                              "he has since transitioned into the support 5 role, leveraging the experience he had as a caster from observing and analyzing games on a macro scale."
                              Yes he is a well-known caster but he was hired to cast in the first place due to his pro play experience and skills, not the other way around. He was like one of the fathers of EU Doto (pro since 2009 I believe?)

                              And Mineski is the first all-Filipino team at an International (at TI1), not Execration. And please stop looking down at Exec like they do not belong there. They will get a TI slot, you heard it here first. Love to root for the underdogs.

                              You can do better than this.


                                @Sooner Any top 6 eu/cn Team > na/sea top 3.
                                XctN/CoL/DC shouldn't even be at TI at all. The tournament should be about the 16 best in the world... not some lame ass regional parity that yields shit-tier teams and games.
                                But as long as people whine and cry out of sheer fanboyism we'll have mediocre regional teams at TI.
                                Ehome can and will 5-2 XtcN in a bo7 (just for measure). Ehome shouldn't be thankful... since tier3 teams like DC end up at TI because of regional parity.


                                  The first wildcard mini tourney at TI was TI4, not 5.

                                  It Ain't Charli Baby

                                    If the bottom 2 Manilla teams (eg and secret) get threw open qualifiers without losing 1 game, why wouldn't other pro teams exploit this? Navi used to ride lower bracket to the finals, couldn't other teams do this the same way?


                                      wtf synderen



                                        They went through the open qualifiers, which is dangerous. One loss early for any reason and they'd be out.


                                          This maybe in the bottom. But really? Execration the first all Filipino team in TI? How about Mineski from Ti1




                                              Just got 5k on EU, muhahahaha!!!


                                                Mineski from TI1 is also an all-filipino team. And yeah, I also notice how you discriminate and throw bad words to Execration. "if Valve were to have qualifiers for the best teams, rather than the best teams from each region" Lol. They worked their ass off practicing to get a slot to the TI6. And they were called before "IAP.Execration" who faced top-tier teams in Starladder 10, even though only 2 of the original players remain.


                                                  You're biased... not him. Truth is if it was a top 16 qualifier, there would only be MVP from SEA and only EG from the US.
                                                  Saying the truth doesn't ever make you a bad person.

                                                  If HumanTeam then +25

                                                    FEEDEREN TEAM 1 MONTH MAX


                                                      How to escape DOTA 2?

                                                      white noise

                                                        how to escape 4K?

                                                        Fight me!!!

                                                          how to escape rattrap?

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                                                            @kim tae hae:

                                                            the Mineski thing is definitely a mistake we shouldve caught, but the thing about syndereN is...we defintiely know he's been a pro for ages, but a large part of the community did join/enter the scene during times where he was more prominent as a caster more so than as a player. ANd I would argue that in Dota 2 he has made a bigger impression as caster as well.

                                                            That said I do think that in hindsight we could've worded it differently, thanks for the feedback!


                                                              man Yapzor so ugly


                                                                Regarding the Execration preview: May I remind the OP of what the expectations for MVP were entering last year's Wildcards....

                                                                ✪ TKZ

                                                                  how to escape ? win the match !

                                                                  RNG game

                                                                    Someone tell me when are the wild card matches


                                                                      EHOME second place. GO EHOME!