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    Now no one can call 1st!
    Seems to me that push-heavy lineups aren't much of an issue at all if your core knows how to farm? Once he gets a core item or two, plus a BKB, it is easy to turn the fight. But then again, the first step to winning a game is your draft.

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      ez 2nd - first ever actually

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      croissanter 2

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        black november

          Not bad article for newbies.


            Nice article

            So It Goes

              Good read and summarizes what I'm usually yelling at my team when they try to take a fight after losing 3 in a row to a push team.

              Neinchelbergüenstrassen -...

                This is why Invoker is one of the best cores in this meta. Teamfight nukes, decent cooldowns, nice push potential and he benefits a lot from XP advantage.


                  just pick es

                  ✪ hanoman

                    Good for teams to not lose VS Alliance/Liquid

                    Alien Righteousness

                      This is how I summarize the matter:

                      If you are being pushed, you have the choice of ignoring the push (i.e., split pushing, farming, roshing) or stopping the push. If you succeed in stopping the push, you have the options of 1) counter-pushing, 2) roshing, 3) pushing out lanes for map control and then smoke ganking.

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                      Dr. Banana

                        Finally someone couldn't call 1st. Thank you Wazsnu.

                        Great article. I like split pushing better.


                          Beeing Part of an Team with an idea behind the picks feels Same as 5 RANDOM heros tbh.


                            on pub matchs this hero is very easy of stoped, is a idea to play him, for newbies of course


                              ez way to deal with pushers: earthshaker pick or mijolner. smarter way: pick spectre and play conservatively until minute 40


                                or pick XP dependant but not so gold dependant hero


                                  Kudos Kawaiisocks for this really awesome knowledge-bomb :)


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                                      +rep. nice guide

                                      The Ancient One

                                        @Newbie.How , example? :3

                                        i >3 u

                                          Can I post the flow-chart to reddit for ez karma(with source & credits of course)?

                                          [-AP] l33t b4n4n4

                                            I believe the pushing strategy to be extremely effective to raise mmr. In a typical game, the enemy will have 3 to 4 cores who want to farm and get their items before they start anything. Pushing early on (preferably without allied carry so he can farm and get exp, must be careful not to be ganked while other allies are pushing) will force enemies to defend. If they don't defend, they lose that much map control and farm potential. Pushing them further in and with offensive warding, they will then realize picking 4 farm dependent heroes was a mistake. Not sure if they ever learn though.


                                              @i>3u, sure)

                                              Uncle Ho in the jungle Pa...

                                                +rep good article


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                                                  The Ancient One

                                                    When will it be 6.88 Pub Tier List? =3 ññ

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                                                      Dumb article, just stop writing

                                                      Generic Antagonist

                                                        @Quinkerros, well his avatar is an example, but other good examples are phoenix, bounty hunter, dark seer, ancient apparition, lich, and invoker

                                                        Every hero benefits with gold but those heroes really like a lot of levels


                                                          Best article I've seen in months. Nice job.


                                                            this article is helpful to people facing huge push, but what if my team is great for pushing and has no idea how to? but seriosuly this article is awesome, thank you.

                                                            I'm DADDY

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                                                                JaCK SPaRRoW

                                                                  What the fuck you are talking about? ALL TOWERS ARE IMPORTANT TO DEFEND AND MIGHT COME ALL UP UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME.


                                                                    @ANIMAL I'm guessing you're about 700-1k MMR?


                                                                      Loved the article. I've been learning how to improve solo skills for quite some time and hoping to improve on teamplay tactics. This surely helps!


                                                                        This is a great article for pretty much all game scenarios, wish everyone I played with would read.

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                                                                          @ANIMAL yep, because getting wiped in the early stages of the game just to defend a t1 is SOOOO WORTH IT

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