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    that tp is a great item imo

    Chocolate Sailor

      Tusk definitely is an interesting hero and a lot of use can come from him. That doesn't make him an overpowered hero. Clockwerk was the #1 choice for utility in pro games for the longest time before Tusk became popular and Clock is still seen fairly frequently. That said, it's also hard for Tusk to ever be a bad pick. He's great for ganks, teamfights, mobility, and everything else previously mentioned. He pairs well with most heroes and he has a BKB-piercing stun/non-evadable point-target physical nuke on a 12-second cooldown that scales decently well.


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              Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 36.43% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.


                it has a 33.27% win rate...


                  If it's so importand for you that we all end our games with a mango in our pocket, then i will do it for you ... :D
                  Btw. nice article, confirme my opionen about this hero very well.

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                    thats even worse


                      trash thread

                      улыбнулся (случайно)
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                          This hero should have been nerfed two patches ago. Better yet, have that ridiculous Ice Shard replaced by a new ability. Seriously, this hero needs an effin remake.


                            one punch man :v


                              tusk was actually the most unpopular hero not too long ago.

                              Gritty Vortex

                                Good hero, maybe too much buffed...but still its a good thing because nobody played Tusk before this patch.


                                  I was wondering about a nerf to snowball. Maybe introduce a maximum occupants limitation? It could go 1/2/3/4 or however you wanted to balance it.


                                    Wonderful hero and a long time favourite of mine. So is Clockwerl. Hate to see them gaining popularity and then nerfs, but as you say, they are useful no matter the numbers.




                                        I didn't really understand the statement you made about Cold Embrace and Omnislash. As far as I was aware Cold Embrace doesn't give the affected hero the physical damage they would have taken back as health, it just heals them and blocks the damage. Unless I'm getting the wrong end of the stick.


                                          @Jimbo I think what he means is that if the jugg goes to omni a target, and then said target receives cold embrace, and omni slash doesn't bounce away it heals for 2000 dmg on paper. It basically takes x amount of dmg from the omni out of the equation, so you can say that it is "healing"


                                            Remember, Battle fury is also a viable option if tusk farms early.


                                              Snowball stationary time was one of the biggest, yet unspoken of, buffs tusk had, back in 6.81. The ability to dodge spells with the whole team for 3 seconds, up until reinforcements arrive, is very important for pro-players able to use it.
                                              The recent nerf at it, from 4 to 3 seconds, indicates the same. I believe it will could be further nerfed, maybe to 2.5 or 2 s, specially since this hidden buff was just a mechanic to make the whole "chose who goes into snowball" thing to work. Another option would be to make it so that heores within snowball were affected by AoE damage/spells.

                                              black november

                                                The funniest fact is that Tusk was ALWAYS strong and powerful hero. Just meta-kids are copying pro-scene now, so stupid. I was maining him since like 3 years ago and always told to my friends that he's OP but no one believed though I crushed pubs with Tusky. Whatever now.
                                                Anyway, good article.


                                                  The reason that mango has a low winrate is because it only counts as what was in your inventory at the end of the game. if you finish the game with a mango in your inventory, likely you'll have lost.


                                                    earth spirit is a good counter for him i think.

                                                    PaPa WhiteClown ZipZap !!

                                                      This hero benn my fav for a long time Befor the Buff but now ifucking hate it :( fucking 6.86

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                                                      Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov
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                                                          i found a jakiro icepath / then all his other spells ontop of veil a really good counter to tusk (i do play mostly potato dota tho)

                                                          eks dee

                                                            this hero is sometimes a real pain in the ass... damn

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                                                                Nice article... Passive items are somewhat underrated, like Vlads... in Dota 1, we have those circles showing the 'impact', but it's not in Dota 2. A blog post explaining the impact of passive items would be great

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