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    not bed


      Awesome feature! A play button for automatically moving the slider would be super convenient.


        "placed an Sentry Ward" - nope.


          Wow, thanks for that :D


            Well played! Indications on the time slider showing where deaths occurred along it would be an outstanding addition.


              that grammar though, Kappa

              ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                as it is it's pretty crude if I may say, but I'm viewing on PC, what I mean by crude, is the fact that there is, for example, no fade in and out, which is something that kinda fits mobile devices more likely, not that there's anything PC can't do too.

                ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                  this could lead to something greater, I mean it's the first feature in a long time that's kinda purely visual, I mean no graph, no tables, this is actual ward range, so it's something that is closer to the game itself, although technically still invisible without clicking, at least it's not invisible stats.

                  ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                    I think what I am trying to say is, we have seen more than enough stat progression from stat sites, but the analysis of stats directly by stat sites FOR each user has yet to see major leap. Yes it means we as users need to use our brains to process but that kinda defeats the purpose of using stat sites meaning it would be easier to just watch replays than to wonder what stats mean

                    I mean yea I can tell easily that in a particular game who got the most kills out of me, but a game is much more than that and you never really have to focus on minute details like that, or put it another way, game is more simpler than wondering about all these individual details, most of the time you just go by guts

                    What do you guys think? Do you think stats are as revealing as they promise/intend/aspire to be?

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                      Wow this is incredibly useful if you're coaching someone and want to do a quick overview of what went right or wrong in a game before diving into the replay. 10/10


                        I've seen this on an android app. Yea outstanding. Now all we need to do is pay money :) Mean while on top lane if you are managing a team replays are the best thing. Back in Dota Planet in pubs it's all up to player skills and execution.


                          My truesight doesnt work anyway.... But okay this is great. Mine just says its analysing even for games that are a weak old


                            @Wake, are you playing Reborn? We're currently in the process of updating TrueSight to support Reborn. [url=/topics/2015-06-17-dota-2-reborn-beta--truesight-status]More Info[/url]


                              its like trackdota


                                very nice

                                Lucky Bessie

                                  I wish I could like the "not bed" comment.


                                    I wish I could like the "not bed" comment too.

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                                      Road to 1K MMR

                                        I wish I could like the "not bed" comment three.