Introducing the Dotabuff Blog

Welcome to the Dotabuff blog! Dotabuff may seem like it's run by a soulless robot, but that's why we've assembled a savvy team of Community Managers, which includes a content editor, a math PhD, and a Dota semi-pro. You may have seen some of us poking around on the forums. We're all passionate gamers, Dota addicts, and we're excited to be adding our own insights and research to the millions of statistics from Dotabuff.

Steven "eggs" Le

I have an editorial background in traditional publishing and digital content. More importantly, I am a voracious watcher of Dota eSports. I can binge watch a day of Dota like a Flavor of Love marathon. I'm also a fantasy sports nut when it comes to basketball, and I'm excited to see how stats are going to shape how we appreciate Dota eSports and pro players.

Favorite hero: Queen of Pain, Puck, Clockwerk. I generally play mid, and I need mobility to save myself from bad decisions.

Stat you want to hide: Please don't look at my TA win rate. It's 28%, by the way. I was still learning then, I swear.

What you use Dotabuff for: Using the news feed to follow my friends and favorite pro players. I don't know why, but I always have to know what Singsing is doing. Is he streaming now?

Billy "Safe Base" Wu

Billy is from the UK, a fluent Chinese speaker, and is one of the most avid Dota players on our team. He's looking forward to bringing in his math expertise to help Dota players improve their game and track their progress. Have you ever wondered when Butterfly was better than Rapier? He'll tell you every case, and he'll have the data to prove it.

Favorite hero: Bristleback, Axe, Timbersaw. Tanky, manly, yolo heroes. I love to get involved in fights rather than passively farm.

Stat you want to hide: I don't mind people seeing any of my stats. I play for fun and I'm trying to improve myself. Losing streaks and bad games with a million deaths doesn't bother me at all.

What you use Dotabuff for: Analyze my own play so I can find my weaknesses. I also like to find players who are particularly good and learn from them.

Temirlan (Tim) "KawaiiSocks" Tattybekov

Tim is from the CIS, namely Kazakhstan. He would say he approves of the movie Borat. As a fluent Russian speaker, he's going to bridge between our diverse communities. Look forward to him writing about the differences between hero picks across regions. Why do Russians pick PA more than anyone else? Tim is also a semi-pro on the Starladder circuit, so be sure to follow him!

Favorite hero: Probably Dazzle and I feel he is horribly underrated. He's an extremely good support that does not lose potency lategame. The 5 seconds of "unkillability" scales really well, as well as his ultimate. And heal potentially deals 840 physical damage, making early game for melee enemies a nightmare.

Stat you want to hide: My invoker stats. I've played way too many games with this hero and am still really bad.

What you use Dotabuff for: I like pretty much every aspect of it. I tend to use forum a lot, since the community is very nice. I frequently check my winrate, especially when I feel like being sad. Mainly, though, since I am a member of a StarLadder team, I use it to check my opponents before the game, to see their strengths and weaknesses.

We're always looking for intriguing ideas for new content. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us here. We'll be constantly working on this blog, so check back in with us here or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!