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i may need coach against pugna in General Discussion

    how to win versus a POS 2 pugna?I play POS 3 viper .
    even we get advantage at all lanes in early game,we lost nearly every team fight in late game :(
    example here :

    Unhappy Camper

      With a first pick Tinker mid that got stomped I would answer your question with a confident "Not much". Few games are decided at the draft stage, but this one is one of those games. Even if you won your lane, Medusa and Tinker simply put too little map pressure in other areas of the map to prevent the enemy team's tempo lineup from completely taking all map control from your team by the 15 minute mark.

      Biggest piece of advice I can give you from this game is to not let stomps like this emotionally effect you and to hold off on picking your core heroes until the 2nd or final draft phase. The biggest mistake in the game was from your Medusa you partied with. He chose Medusa into Axe and Dark Seer who are two of her biggest counters, while being a 2nd extremely greedy core like Tinker. Your team had absolutely no early game teamfight aside from Tombstone as a result. Keep your head up and try and move past games like this without being too hard on yourself.

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        The only thing that makes me angry when I play Pugna is that I keep getting stunned, hexed, or silenced and being ganked constantly since I cannot suck (or combo) multiple heroes at the same time.

        raffling king

          stun that bastard and make him pay


            Your team was the classic "no stun" lineup and Pugna is hard to stop if you don't literally stop him. The ult is such a low CD thing that he can easily get it off again in a fight even if you stop him once. Pugna is extremely good in some games and pretty bad in others... This game was just one of those pro-Pugna games.

            Silence is probably the best against him as it tends to last longer than your usual stuns and you need the time when he can't cast his spells to get him. Also target focus is important.