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What is doom shard? in General Discussion
† Dre

    On my match yesterday, I was facing doom. In the late game, doom is killed and then there's a tiny (creep-sized) creature that looks exactly like Doom, but the texture is like stone (or like Visage's Familiar stone form). It walks and hits, but I didn't see it using any skills, and it has the name "Doom Shard". I am confused as hell. Like, is that a new skill? or did Doom devour ancient Creep? Since that "Doom Shard" is not listed on the talent tree, aghs and aghs shard. What the heck was that?

    The Ghoul

      He devoured the mud golem. Which has the passive of splitting up into two smaller doom shards, if doom has devoured the mudgolem. He also gains the rock throw ability.


        his 2nd got 60% healing