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General Discussion4000k hours, 1500 mmr. Am i brain dead?

4000k hours, 1500 mmr. Am i brain dead? in General Discussion
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    What to do? Am i fucking animal like my teammates? Because defenetely im not


      Forget about griding and have fun, play different heros and builds, mute people. Its just people that make others feel like you need to have a higher medal. Its just that false sense of achievement when you have higher medal when in reality those people are usually totaly miserable outside of dota.

      Ive been everywhere from archon to divine 5 in past years and the game just becomes a full time job with absolutely no benefits to your life, just some fake internet friends you will forget about as soon as you delete the game and a lot of consumed energy and nerves.

      The amout of effort you need to push medals in dota is outrageous. If you put the same energy into anything else whether its gym, your company, work or whatever it will benefit you so much.


        I second Oldman's advice.

        To give you slightly different perspective on it I will rephrase it: the more you care about something, the worse it gets.

        It may surprise you but the opposite is also true: it gets better if you care less about something. I can't explain how it works, but it does.


          It's pretty simple.

          Am i fucking animal like my teammates? Because defenetely im not

          This is your problem. Being delusional. Every low mmr desperate dog thinks they are somehow better than the mmr group they belong to. LOL

          Spending 4k, 8k, 12k,30k hours doesn't reflect jackshit, if you play the game with your brain turned off. Don't get me wrong, some ppl do enjoy playing this game at sub 2k mmr, just as a way to unwind from their day, turning brain off and messing around.

          But, you can't choose to play with your brain turned off and expect to climb mmr. Regardless of what the desperate scrub lords on this forums will claim, MMR is a fairly good reflection of your skills. If you are low mmr, you straight up suck at the game. Your team, the matchmaking system, and other random bs has nothing do to with that.

          I came back to game after a long break, I dropped from Ancient 2 to Crusader 5, I literally just played 1 game a day, and I'm already back to legend 4 in like 9 months(approx 350 games) just spamming pos 5. At this point, I don't even have a target mmr, I just grind for fun and want to see where I peak.

          a bunch of baby ducks

            just spam one hero you really good at n you'll reach divine easily


              4000k hours... Yes, you might have gone off the deep end... that is 4,000,000 hours of Dota... That is crazy.

              But I wouldn't be too worried about the medal you have, I am shit tier and will probably be so forever, but as long as I am having fun in the game I will keep on playing. And still going strong, well, feeling about playing. Not so strong as I am where I am.


                You are probably stuck in really awful ways of playing the game that you make the exact same mistakes that do not allow you to grow in MMR. Watch replays of high ranked games and pause every once in awhile, ask yourself "What would I do in this situation" and see how it differs compared to a higher MMR player, you need to break your bad habits. Low ranked games are extremely easy to stomp if you know what you are doing.

                s o a p

                  Also, you seem to be a turbo spammer - if turbo games are a significant proportion of those 4k hours then I dont think the 4k counts for much. I second baby ducks - stick to a small pool of heroes (4-8) and try to get mechanically okay at these. E.g., spam dragon knight offlane, get blinks, and try to dictate the flow of game.

                  ГРУБЫЙ ПОДОНОК

                    I'll add that MMR actually does not reflect your skills at all. It only reflects the ability of your teammates to act as a team, if they even wish to.

                    I recently watched Arteezy's stream and judging from the stream realised that trash-level players exist on all ranks, so you shouldn't feel desperate. Also there is a common knowledge according to which the worst tend to instinctively drag down anyone they can. In other words they feel themselves better not by elevating others but by making others seem and feel miserable.

                    From my personal experience the worst players in my team are actually the ones having higher MMR than me. Each time I climb back towards reaching Archon rank I suddenly face an Archon/Legend player that boasts about his rank and insults everyone as if everyone is actually subpar comparing to him. These Archon/Legend players tend to make worser calls as minutes pass, which basically means they have no idea what to say, how to command, how game evolves, how to itemize or build a team composition etc.

                    Just keep doing what you are doing, don't forget to collect feedback however you like and eventually you'll push through.

                    ℱ ℰ ℰ ℛ

                      bro you are guardian III. Have you ever tried to plug in keyboard when playing dota?


                        Crusader saying "mmr doesn't reflect skill"...That's fucking hilarious


                          Keep your head up and play for fun, I was in a similar situation for a long time. I found a hero I enjoyed playing with that I had success with as well and spammed it up to Divine!

                          Ryūjin no ken wo kurae

                            2000 hours 5k mmr
                            3000 hours 6k mmr
                            idk maybe.


                              never give up

                              Miyamoto Musashi

                                Dota 2 has an matchmaking system that prevents you from really growing and maturing as a player. If you can´t choose your teammates by their behaviour, you are a hostage to the situation. Nonetheless having a high behavioural score wouldn´t hurt your efforts. I´ve seen a lot of high MMR players loosing games on low brackets because it´s a collective game and sometimes their teammates are just too bad. It´s way easier to play if you have good team coordination. But in Dota people are just so toxic that it´s not easy to throw a Positive Mentality all around. A dude may tilt for any given reason, specially if they´re low rank and can´t understand the game properly. If you want to climb MMR you should stick to a small hero pool and roles, master their mechanics, the builds and the game dynamic. Reading enemy lineups and understading what that match is gonna be like is very important. You should also try to watch your replays and other peoples games so you may understand the type of player and common mistakes on your bracket so you may avoid or be prepared for it when your teammates make them. Also, NEVER PLAY WHILE TILTED. The most important thing in online games is keeping you focus and positive mentality all the way through whatever happens. A game is not done untill the throne falls. And don´t feel frustrated. Most high MMR players are old gamers or are playing Dota for more than 10 years. Just look at streamers profiles. The learning curve is huge. Hope this helps you.


                                  you lowskill


                                    Low rank animals blaming matchmaking for their low mmr, never stops being hilarious.

                                    Just understand this, if you are at a set mmr for a very long time, the only common denominator for that is yourself.
                                    I climbed again from crusader 5 to legend 5, spamming pos 4/5 in SEA in around 400 games. Cry me a river about how the matchmaking is keeping you at crusader lol


                                      Why is this importent? If you were good you could climb straight up the ladder with ez. Done it so many times with no efforts. I could log any acc, play pretty much any hero and go straight to 3-4k within a week. But id play a herald account any day over 4-6k bracket it is just so fun to rape people who will trash their keyboards and whine all game. But thats the fun I have in dota. Been playing much higher rank long time, nothing there that excites me.


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                                      picking fun heroes

                                        In general terms, start spamming 2-3 characters on which there is a desire to play or learn. Watch replays of professionals on this character. Watch live broadcasts in dota. At every moment, ask yourself why the pro player is doing exactly that in that way. Draw conclusions.


                                          You're not brain dead. The question you should be asking yourself is are you having any fun? Like you can be having fun doing something even if you're bad at it. I.e. me riding a bicycle. With a stick.


                                            Ive said it once and will reapeat it. What about not giving a single F about medals? And actually grind your life instead? Life often is much simplier with little effort than playing this stupid game forever to impress people that dont even care and you dont even know and will never meet.


                                              No. The game is more complex than chess, and has higher variance than a Poker tournament. But once you crack the code, it's pretty rewarding.

                                              Any tips specifically I could address for you? I once sat in your seat for a long time, but am now rewarded for being patient and gaining the necessary knowledge.


                                                No. The game is more complex than chess, and has higher variance than a Poker tournament. But once you crack the code, it's pretty rewarding.

                                                Any tips specifically I could address for you? I once sat in your seat for a long time, but am now rewarded for being patient and gaining the necessary knowledge.

                                                There is no reward in dota, only miserable life while you spend countless hours a day in front of the computer. And thats a fact.

                                                лизал блум

                                                  yes u are

                                                  Miyamoto Musashi

                                                    A dude that treats crusader like "low skill animals" but is actually at Legend. 400 matches to climb stupid MMR ladder, which is completely rigged by smurfs and acc buyers. 400 hours spamming, not a single book, not a single work, just stressfull Dota for "fun", trying to prove he is better than someone that is actually just like him. That's one of the major reasons why Dota is so painful. Any idiot thinks that MMR is more than a number and think that are better than other players make this a shitty community.


                                                      ^^Keep deflecting, but that doesn't change the fact.

                                                      You can't be a 2k trashcan and talk about how "mmr doesn't reflect skill". Reach the peak of the mmr ladder, then you can make those statements.
                                                      All I did was make my case, that it's not matchmaking or anything else's fault that you are a rotten low skilled trash.

                                                      If you have skills, climbing the ladder is not a problem.

                                                      And who made you the advocate for what's fun in the game?? I absolutely enjoy playing AA, cause he is the most fun hero in the game for ME. Till I get bored of the hero, I'll keep spamming that. Not sure how that constitutes as "stressful".

                                                      The fact that you assume that climbing the ladder was a "stressful", "no fun", journey for me says a lot about you than me. I play this game for fun, and I'm at 2 times your mmr, so I think you are just coping. LOL

                                                      You low skilled trash cans with inflated ego, just can't acknowledge the fact that you suck at the game, and due to that you idiots never get better at game. That's the simplest truth. To improve, the first step is literally to acknowledge that you are bad at something, but guess it's easy to assume that you are a Immortal player held back in crusader cause of bad teammates and matchmaking, right?

                                                      o`hanra hanrahan

                                                        Listen every Dota player in lower ranks is a moron. Me included. However the point im trying to make is that because everyone is a moron and a dumbass, is that you only need slight improvements to increase MMR.
                                                        lets say you are pos 4/5 - just learning where to ward and how to ward properly and at what times is really important, same for pulling/stacking just as an example.
                                                        same can be said with different things to learn as a core player.

                                                        You dont need much at low MMR to increase, everyone is a idiot so you only need to be slightly smarter and better to improve.
                                                        And if you cant improve then so be it, wear the medal proud and if anyone tells you that you are dogshit then dont worry about it, its meant to be that way.
                                                        Sometimes you just arent good at certain things, Dota might just be a game that you are dogshit at, but maybe you are a god in Tetris who knows.


                                                          ^^ Just to be clear, I have 0 problems with low mmr players, who accept the reality and enjoy the game at whatever level they are playing.
                                                          My only issue is with low skilled animals, that blame matchmaking, teammates and random shit for them being low mmr.

                                                          OG Fire

                                                            It is okay to be guardian bro .

                                                            o`hanra hanrahan

                                                              I think its easy to play the blame-game, because that means the player who is blaming doesnt have to accept or learn or own up to their own mistakes, so its easy.
                                                              And because the lower the MMR the more mistakes they make, the easier the blame-game becomes and the harder it becomes to learn from them.

                                                              Now you dont have to be a saint that says sorry for every little thing they do. Im no saint either and when someone is griefing or being a total moron i flame them for it. But only when they are actually griefing, and not because im blaming someone when im the one being a moron.

                                                              This wont suddenly change your MMR from 1K to 5K, but in the long run it will be better for your health and potentially improve your ranks.
                                                              Like i said after 4K hours you might belong in 1K MMR but thats ok. You can still be the #1 in Tetris or any other game, some games are just not meant for some people and thats okay.

                                                              u suck kid

                                                                bro i got to immortal and said fucc this i just wanna smurf on kiddies and have fun play casual games after work.

                                                                i play games to have fun, not to sweat omega tryhard


                                                                  50% of your games are ez win and 50% of your games either hard or with griefers if you keep your positivity and play your best on the hard games with griefers you will climb your MMR. If you are done on that day stop queuing do other things far from dota and play again the next day. because if you keep queuing with a bad mood already your out of focus. and you might continuously lost games that are not supposed to loose. I came from herald now i'm ancient 2 within 2 months.


                                                                    100% of my match these past 10 games, 1-2 of them are griefers some 4. Role stealers especially. How are they not getting punished?


                                                                      Blaming others stalls progress.
                                                                      Accepting personal mistakes means you're on the path to improvement.
                                                                      True mastery is reached when you transcend blame altogether.


                                                                        Care less about it and get a hobby outside of this game it will help you improve a lot, playing too much rank on a day will bring your mmr down, also @oldman is right caring too much makes your game miserable. 2 ranked per day is enough , in the long run your mmr will improve. Maybe you don't know but depression and isolation fucks your mmr and overall enjoyment in this game. You are not braindead , moods affect your gameplay more.I was stubborn 3 years ago but when I play game now (I beat my mental illness) I see my mistakes clearly , cure about your mental health and you will improve.

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