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    the system is so pogu that a fucking mirana on lvl 143 acc running middle for whatever reason he has

    give me a reason why this guy shouldnt get perma banned while im looking for a reason why he shouldnt get killed irl


      one of the best features in dota 2
      if u from min 1 to 30, talk in russian language in mic, with your annoying ass dogshit voice and project every insult that suits literally your self on others, nobody can even report u for com abuse

      but if , u , a fuckign degenrate ape from iran who gets frustrated by these facts, be a fucking scum toxic shit and write 3 sentences in response, u are fuckign done
      4 fucking com abuse is coming



        oh someone constantly typing in my next game and i couldnt report him either
        my bad
        its just me again, problem is me

        cold rune

          Therapy 2093