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Classical "I cant win as support because my cores are bad" in General Discussion

    undying crushes lane but has 0 impact because gargabe item choices, literally none of the items do anything, buys no wards
    sb feeds in lane but still has impact because he buys items to help his cores and buys some wards/dust

    usual suspect of the "cant gain mmr as support" mentality


      just sounds like dota, "my team sucks, if I had better teammates I am 12k MMR"

      kill iranian dogs

        just how undying can be archon 2 doing that kinda shit build
        i don't get it

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        AD.GokU™ |

          I can tell you the exact though process.

          1) I will steal use my scep decay.
          2) Enemy will have no hp.
          3) I will dagon and own.

          They completely forget to consider the fact that enemies won't be sitting still. xD

          They owned early game the guy got carried away, made bad items and lost. Pretty common stuff in low mmr.


            true story
            cant gain mmr as support either


              Your supporting power is not heavy enough