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Captain Lalettan

    hey im an archon player who has been playing a lot of zeus lately , and i find it to be extremely easy and in some ways broken cause noone ever jumps you. I go the same build every game - 3 nulls and bottle into Bots into aghs into aether into aeon into refresher into octarine.

    Any tips i can get when i play zeus? like how exactly to farm in the first 10 mins, who should i cast my spells on in a teamfight, where to place nimbus, and any more efiiciency plays a beginner like me may not know, ty any help is appreciated

    Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      -Go 4/0/4/1 build. Max chain lightning first then static. Learn lvl1 bolt for dewarding purpose or invi enemies, up to you. But max it last.
      -Clear stack camps. Always carry clarity.
      -Go aether lens first before aghs, unless if your stomping the game go aghs rush.
      -Cast your spell on enemy you can burst to death, like supports or squishy agi heroes. Just cast chain lighning from the distance. Let your team close the gap not you.
      -Cast nimbus on enemy channeling spells, sync it with ally stun/slow, or last hitting a fleeing hero.
      -Just farm farm farm.


        I dont know how to play Zeus. But I have faced Zeus many time as Ursa. Ursa hate Zeus's Aghanim Scepter Skill the most. Get it as fast as posible. :lick:


          If you had to use nimbus by yourself, cast it before w. That way, your W stun keeps them in the nimbus range and they get bolted 3x in total

          If you buy soul ring, drop arcanes before activating it. If you buy arcanes, drop point booster or similar items (faded broach) before using arcanes. Ditto with wand. This way you restore a larger % of your manapool. This works with soul ring even if you are at 100% mana, and you keep any excess mana from soul ring above the 150 you would get from using it normally.


            70% winrate 6k Zeus player here. I think it's a misconception to even ask for tips for how to play Zeus at Archon. You basically have no conception of basic mid concepts. Improving your play in more general areas will do a world more to improve your play on Zeus than any Zeus specific tips. That being said...

            Zeus is a magic nuker. Know how to play magic nukers and you basically understand Zeus. Burst out the wave at 4:00 minutes and grab rune, burst out the wave and stack and farm camps, etc...

            Don't passive farm as Zeus. He has an early power spike. Gank lanes with runes, teleport if the enemy dives your team, get ganks mid, apply pressure with 5:00 and 10:00 minute catapults if you can.

            You mention your item build on Zeus: "I go the same build every game" Well, your item build is bad. Why? Because you go the same build every game! You can't possibly be getting ideal items in that case. If you're against a Tinker, you should probably be rushing aghs. If you're against an OD, you should probably be getting aether lens.

            There's so much to say it could fill a book; in the end you really just need to be thinking more broadly about magic nuker mids if you want to improve.