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General DiscussionBad KDA and poor performance but still VHS

Bad KDA and poor performance but still VHS in General Discussion
Spam High fivE

    Can someone explain to me? I have very bad kda in some of my games. My last 5 games were fvcked up.

    I know im still a noob and my skills isnt really for vhs.

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    Spam High fivE

      I dont really understand dota


        cause from legends to immortals named vhs, and well legends are very very good players :)


          legend only high skill ...3.8k up was VHS

          Midnight Special

            kda does not matter, you get already VHS if you just plug in your keyboard. Normal is a fiction bracket where only bots play with each other


              Good kda abd good performance.
              Still hs can anybody explain this to me?