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    Seriously, How do i deal with addiction... fck, all my school projects that was given last month is now due next week and I havent even done anything yet.

    How do you guys manage to play and do your responsibilities?

    carry or feed

      Nothing i just keep playing :(

      Goku Black

        You do not need to give it up completely, but you need to get the mantra "work before play" stuck in your head. If you dedicate a block of time every day to work on schooling BEFORE your games, then you can feel like you have accomplished a bit of work before you relax and go into your game mode. Playing games first and then trying to stop and do work after is a terrible way to go about it, you would just be setting yourself up for failure.

        You will be very surprised how much progress you can make on school work from only a single hour of dedicated work every day, or dedicating one full day a week to completing a big project rather than waiting until the last minute to rush out a pile of garbage; especially for group work.

        Jack Attack

          I work 9-5 seven days per week. Get home 530 walk dogs do some chores cook/eat dinner till 7. 7-10 is time spending with the wife. 10pm-1230am is video game time. Sleep rinse repeat until I go on vacation or something.

          You have to keep yourself busy and setup a schedule. If you cant keep yourself busy then you're kind of doomed to the mercy of your addiction. If I didnt keep so busy I would be on this game all the time.

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            Go to the library without the computer.

            Marko Bulat

              ^This, i would droped out of college because of dota if i didnt discover library, just go there in the morning and try to stay 7-8 hours, no other way, house is too distracting and procrastination will fuck you up, theres nothing to do in library but study.

              Midnight Special

                delete dota and reinstall only on vacations

                keel (sad gamer)

                  just dont play 4head


                    I also agree with the library, in my case, when I was in college, I carried a old laptop without games to do my assignments. Only at home with a desktop I could play, but I stayed most of the day at the campus.


                      You in danger of failing UST ba?


                        1. Stop watching anime
                        2. Profit


                          @etd, yep. my quizzes are way too low compared to last sem. too many assignments that i still havent done yet despite being given 1 month to complete them.

                          also I failed p.e cuz of abscences. Probably math class too, 6 days consecutive abscenses.


                            I dont really watch anime, its just that im super addicted to games not just dota


                              make someone like your parent or something unallow you to play for some hours,talk to them

                              carry or feed

                                Looks like dota is secretly crippling addiction

                                One True Merchant

                                  The library idea is great.


                                    What a stupid fucking question.

                                    Spotlight uh Moonlight uh...

                                      Play something else. Worked for me I can’t even bring myself to play a game of Dota anymore

                                      My ping is higher than my...

                                        I think you should ask yourself if there's anything you're running away from, whether it's responsibilities, fear of failure, people, yourself, sadness, fear of happiness and success even. If there's an unhealthy behavior that heavily affects your life it means that there's a problem within yourself. Work on finding the problem, the cause. If you work on the addiction in itself only, the consequence, and force yourself to not play, your brain will find another addiction to replace Dota with.


                                          apparently its gaming in general which i am addicted to.


                                            play dota auto chess and csgo dangerzonr


                                              As someone who worked with people with gaming addictions, the best thing you can do get offline proffesional help.
                                              In many countrys are help lines, organisation who will help.
                                              And if you dont want to go this way, talk to friends and family, never wrong doing that.

                                              Dark Hunter

                                                Sounds more like procastination than addiction. Just convince yourself to pick up a book and study/do your tasks instead of spending it on gaming. It really is just a mindset. Take it from a professional procastinator.


                                                  play dota as much as u want. But if you have something else to do, do it before playing. For example I've to do "something today", don't say I will do it later, do it nOW.


                                                    delete it mate

                                                    Marko Bulat

                                                      delete it mate

                                                      Doesnt work like this, your brain is very fucked up thing, lets say now im addicted to dota 2, im gonna delete it, what have i achieved? Nothing, i will just play something else, or if theres nothing to play ill watch youtube/twitch or whatever. Your brain will just replace 1 activity with another, ultimately you need to control yourself and redirect your attention to something that actually matters, thats the hard part, what is harder is be consistent at it.

                                                      Basically uninstalling the game will not give you self discipline only you can do that.

                                                      ur parents r siblings

                                                        Just do ur project lol


                                                          I had similar problems and I seeked help. I can tell you what my problem was and what might be your problem as well: You probably get confirmation and acknowledgement from gaming but not so much from real life. Your brain seeks rewards so it "tells" you that playing is the right thing for you now and you should forget about the other stuff because it won't get you that well needed dose of dopamine. If you lose a lot of games you're not getting that dopamin either and it makes you feel like shit. You haven't gotten your dose, you haven't done anything for school, you haven't seen friends => life sucks.

                                                          I think you're not actually addicted. You're misusing gaming - you should get your dopamine from life. Meet friends, enjoy time with your girlfriend and get shit done for school, college, university or whatever it is that brings you forward. These are all things that are longterm rewarding though. But they stay. Nobody can take away your degrees and accomplishments. You just have to be patient to get your reward, but it will be so much more rewarding than to win a Dota game.
                                                          If you play thousands of Dota games, that doesn't get you anywhere. Treat it as a hobby. As what you do when nothing else is on. No work, no friends, no family?: "oh great, time for some Dota".

                                                          Last thing: if you're so much into gaming, you might want to look out for ways to get into gaming business of any kind. If you can combine gaming and working.

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                                                            Thanks for the advise fellow gamers! Im currently doing a month worth of assignments. I will try to finish a project/as soon as the professors assigns them before i play any game.


                                                              @kapot exactly, I was abandoned by my biological parents after i graduated from junior high school. Its a science school full of smart people and people including teachers and relatives keep comparing me to others. Telling me stuff like “all your classmates who took the entrance exam got to top 100 out of the ten thousand who took the exam while you were nowhere near them”

                                                              Yeah you are probably right with what you said. gaming wont get me anywhere but i cant work while underage and still studying cuz I dont know how real life works.

                                                              Marko Bulat

                                                                ^Trust me enjoy college while it lasts, real life sucks dicks, you wake up you go to work, working sucks dicks but you gotta do it, then you come home tired feeling like shit and you have 2 options after you ate and took a shower, see friends or play games, you cant really enjoy any of those activities because dreadful though of "I gotta wake up early for work" is looming over your head and then you realize you gonna do this until you die PepeHands...

                                                                My ping is higher than my...

                                                                  ^This does nothing but make escapists want to alienate even more lol

                                                                  If other people's judgment is what you're running away from, you'll free yourself from this fear by investing your time in working on achieving your projects and plans, by making choices according to what you, and you only, think is right for yourself. Basically by taking care of yourself and your real needs. This will teach you to listen to your inner voice rather than external opinions, in one word: independence. No one and nothing can in any way dictate how much you're worth, not grades, not relatives, not random fucktards passing by, but yourself. Don't be afraid of not meeting other people's expectations, they mean nothing. True confidence comes from within.

                                                                  Kapot is right, that's how addiction and depression work. The temporary confort videogames, or any other addiction, give you is all an illusion. They're just distracting you from the real problem and blocking the way for a satisfying life. Also don't repeat my mistake, look for a therapist if you feel you can't solve the issue alone.


                                                                    I’ve always struggled with addiction. I found displacing computer games with a ‘healthier’ addiction like a sport was the only way I could manage the problem but that’s no cure.

                                                                    I couldn’t use games as a reward for finishing other work because I’d still be playing at 5am and screw my life up again!


                                                                      Pick up some weights. Gym is an addiction you definitely won't regret as compared to time lost in a game.


                                                                        @Eddie, Im a shut-in 16 year old boy who cant even carry anything above 5 kilograms with ease.

                                                                        @rocket, what I said to myself was “if i gain at least 300 mmr this calibration, I will do my assignments and projects” then I found myself cutting classes and was absent for a total of 6 days straight. Now I feel miserable because I cant do anything about the group projects that I missed and I can only do the individual works. Now exams are coming up next week.


                                                                          I used to do “free boosting” for people who ask for it lol(usually guys from discord/dotabuff) now that I think about it, Ive wasted so much time.

                                                                          carry or feed

                                                                            Cheer up mate set your priorities in this life, just like phoenix, rise from your current state :grimace:


                                                                              Well since you're still 16, you haven't lost that much time. It's never too late to get your priorities straight. Trust me when I say you WILL have time to play games as you grow older, so there's no rush to play like it's your last day. Everyone is addicted to some thing or the other, you're not alone. And well everyone starts somewhere right? 5kg or 50kg weights it doesn't matter really, as long as you're doing it. Exercise helps a lot and going to the gym will definitely make you more disciplined, just give it a try it might work out for you.. good luck!


                                                                                I took my friend’s final Math exam for him once there in UST. He just gave me his permit slip, let me borrow his uniform, and all. His blockmates were in on it also haha
                                                                                Kung kailangan mo ng tulong sa mga Math exams mo sabihin mo lang saakin ahahahahah


                                                                                  @etd its not a problem for me, haha, I just missed too many school days. I just dont know what topics they have discussed since idk anyone from my math class.

                                                                                  I might take you up on your offer next year though for pre-calculus haha jk

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                                                                                    @tekaluuk, @Eddie thanks I made a vow to myself to not play until exams are done...


                                                                                      Dude, I repeated grades at the university because of gaming. Hopefully I managed to graduate but I almost failed because of Dota and many other games.

                                                                                      You have to take a long break from gaming, that helped me a lot.


                                                                                        I uninstalled steam about 3 weeks ago because I felt like at some point I am going to need to stop playing games (I'm 31 been playing dota since wc3). I didn't play a huge amount compared to what I used to, but I found that I would always be in a rush to leave work or social events to get home and play. Like I was less engaged in the present moment because it was pulling on me. So far I haven't missed it much, dota was really the only game I still play, and the main friends I played with were not on much lately. Though I have gotten more productive I do find other ways to waste time on TV or phone.

                                                                                        Crimson Sky >1<

                                                                                          You're only 16 so you got plenty of time to figure it out. I wasted all my teens on WoW and even skipped my exams to play. Then I got my life together and am graduating from a decent university this year with a maths and physics degree. All that didn't seem possible when I was your age. (now mid 20s).

                                                                                          Thing is you gotta find something you like, at young age you can be pressured into academia by your parents / peers / whoever. Maybe it's just not you, or maybe what you study isn't for you and you need a change. Like other people have said, gaming replaces the dopamine hit you get from other activities. TBH though at 16 I'd say you can do whatever you want still and you got so much time ahead to make your mind up what it is you like and what you wanna do, don't stress yourself.


                                                                                            Stop dota, get a job. fap at night, work at day. works. sparetime=go pub/sex or go gym.


                                                                                              stop getting addicted lawl


                                                                                                You're good at dota bro, fuck school.


                                                                                                  ^not good enough to make a living off of it though. Only when you can make a decent salary from a team, or can win tournaments for income, can you truly say “fuck school”


                                                                                                    He could probably win a few small tournaments here and there when with a team. Local compshop tournament prizepools would usually payout 5 to 10 thousand Philippine pesos. That’s roughly 100-200 USD. Split it by 5. Assume he wins 3 tourneys in a month, which is a very generous assumption considering the sheer number of competitors here. Can he sustain himself on the equivalent of $60 a month? I guess that would suffice, if he ate insant noodles every day and continued to live with his parents(he is only 16 so he could probably do so for at least 5 more years)
                                                                                                    Don’t give shite advice P9 lol.
                                                                                                    @Abyss, take care bro.

                                                                                                    woke af

                                                                                                      manage your time bro!


                                                                                                        root of the problem. you have to ask yourself, why do you like gaming so much? it gives you gratification that is lacking in your life. the only way to get over something nonadaptive is to replace it with something adaptive. typically humans are social creatures and thrive on success in society in social realm. you wonder why so many pros are socially inept. learn to replace your joy for gaming with a real social life. a healthy social life replaces the needs for all sort of maladaptive addictive behaviours,