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OG vs some peenoise college team in General Discussion

    did philippine dota ever not look bad


      rofl. peenoise are the scum of asia. what's new?

      Abyss Watcher(MID)

        My problem is that they are already in college and yet they act worse than highschool students

        Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          I'm a filipino and I'm ashamed of them.

          Potato PC

            2 Maelstorm, Pugna Radiance and Rush dagon? Truly meme match.



              >being ashamed of random people


              crazy player

                pignoys sad


                  Lol at jerax using the chinese phrase of "im lagging" to respond when they were start speaking tagalog in all chat


                    And yes the toxicity of pinoys cant be cured, at least lately they know what are they doing when it enter the pro scene (TNC, abed, nb)


                      who cares, let them have their fun
                      jesus they beat a pro team even if it was at complete memes
                      chill out a bit

                      Ayoth - Never Forget Frui...

                        if fun is trashtalking and being generally rude then i feel really sad for their definition of fun


                          let them celebrate their lul win because they will realize eventually that they are trash even against tier-3 teams,OG even first pick techies and topson(which is a god in using pugna btw) even using meme build,they didnt even realize that OG is just toying with them

                          Abyss Watcher(MID)

                            Topson and jerax are both earth spirit gods


                              C o l l a g e


                                please dont cry you getting jealous


                                  I have fries here but I need S A L T


                                    Pugna 15 min radiance. Nice meme build.


                                      Yes trash talking someone when I win is fun
                                      I'm sorry I'm not as much of a perfect good boy as you



                                        A DOG

                                          Some mental problem right there LUl


                                            I hope OG saw it in a positive light. Like stated, it was a showmatch, which they were clearly meme-ing.

                                            Abyss Watcher(MID)

                                              If og took it seriously, it would have been over at around 15-20 mins and they had 200 ping probably at SEA, its just fair tbh, they can meme all they want