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    Hey guys i just cant claim my weekly reward thing and cant get that 1800 shards. Any solutions?

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    Jacky Mao's Son

      It probably isn't a thing yet since this it hasn't been a week yet since it's been available. Either that or it's just bugged and will probably get fixed soon if that's the case.


        same bro :(

        Pumpkin Teef

          At first when i clicked the claim button it would go through the animation of crediting me the shards. I tried over a hundred times. Now there is no claim button, and I didn't get the 1800 shards.

          Lame. It also doesn't show as completed on my list. Which would leave me with just the Battle Cup achievement left.

          Very sad day for Valve. Starting too think these guys couldn't code their way outta a wet paper bag.