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how to use the hero chat wheel? in General Discussion

    I cant find a way to use the hero chat wheels for the dota + thing, I don't even know where to look tbh

    do you have to get to the brone tier first or sth?


      Same question


        i found it, there is a chatwheel function for heroes

        at my settings it was K


          Hotkeys - Hero Chatwheel - select a button - done

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          Starfox72 [FR]

            But all the chat lines are locked. How to unlock them?

            Zechs Merquise

              you have to rank that hero up by playing and winning. I won 1 game with OD and had 2 chatwheel functions unlocked

              Starfox72 [FR]

                I see, it seems that everything is not for turbo mode :(

                Jacky Mao's Son

                  You instantly unlock 2 of the voice lines for a hero if you win a game with them, then after that you gotta do challenges and stuff to level them up and get a higher level in order to flex the fancy icon and such. We are literally League now lol.


                    I have a strong feeling that soon we wont have 3-4-5 different moba games but 1 big. Because past Dota changes approached us to the LOL universe. (The talent system, ranking hero system, etc)


                      Master can you gift me a dota plus :)

                      Jebat Sahabat Hebat

                        Default hero chatwheel is K and it's rebindable in the Hotkeys options under Chat.


                          how toi all chat using hero chatwheel?



                            Chitae Senpai

                              go on settings --- then you on hotkeys option,find CHAT and if find u did see Hero chat wheel .