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General Discussionwhat heroes are strong in this current patch?

what heroes are strong in this current patch? in General Discussion

    title says it all, pls don't troll :)

    Potato PC

      IO always been strong in any patch (in pro match)


        How is this still a question? wtf

        Kemal Atatürk was a monkey

          venomancer, necro, jakiro, AA, earthshaker, spirit breaker, underlord

          what else?

          will change soon though

          i predict veno, necro, es and sb nerfs

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            anything jungle. don't come out till you have 6 items and 3 in the backpack.

            if game is lost by then, your teammates suck.

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            yung backyardigan

              Necro, Lich, SB, Veno, Underlord, Invoker

              Lone Dog

                Lone Druid except he could use a nerf on the mana cost of rabid and better scaling

                i cant win

                  anything that's green


                    Carries who can win 1v1 lanes and survive ganks
                    Anybody else has to be able to fight every minute. Like abaddon veno viper necro bara nightstalker
                    There's not many really hard carries atm

                    BTW imo dk is broken af, buy hood and solar crest and siege towers as 4 every ult while carry farms up

                    meteor hammer

                      clockwerk counters sb

                      ppl love first picking sb



                        this patch on its finish line but people still asking q like this :C


                          *Pressed ctrl F and searched for Zeus and Spectre - none found.

                          Lol. Zeus and Spectre have the highest and 3rd highest average winrates this patch.

                          mechanical feel kb

                            Sooner or later you'll realize stats don't mean jackshit

                            Pigeon (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

                              just because those heroes have a good winrate doesn't mean they're good. Spectre is pretty bad this patch


                                so having bad winrates doesn't mean the hero is bad ?




                                    mk, sb, es



                                        green is the dream


                                          lich, that ult is a win button in teamfights and pushes from the enemy team.


                                            Am jungle stronk