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General DiscussionSylph is the new Dota 2 hero! What do you think these four new abilit...

Sylph is the new Dota 2 hero! What do you think these four new abilities do? in General Discussion

    So I was going across some Reddit and this is the news I found. I guess I'm pretty late. All that's known so far can be found here: The four abilities are: Grapple, Shadow Realm, Flash Powder, and Will-O-Wisp. Give your thoughts!




        I WUV YOU SHO MUCH  ❤

          Sounds like a flashy support hero

          I am numb

            Sounds like another int hero when all we need is an agi hero
            The problem with 4 spirits is that with 3 we have 1 int, 1 str, and 1 agi spirit, but with 4 spirits one attribute gets 2 spirits and that's imbalanced


              ^ New attribute confirmed for 4th spirit. Luck. Each 5 points of luck gives 1% evasion and 1% crit chance.


                After that we will gona have sweet spirit that will throw candy on you.

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                  I love candies

                  Spiel Times


                    Vful Spirit

                      Looks like a melee agility carry, because strength carries usually lack positioning ability. I think his abilities are somehow similar to Rolling Boulder, Germinate attack, Stifling Dagger and Break.

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                      I WUV YOU SHO MUCH  ❤

                        One carry because scrubs love carry, can't let down their expectations and one support so we don't have too many carry heroes.
                        They say LoL launch new heroes this way too

                        Hopefully Sylph is a spam caster hero like Leshrac, Sky, Zeus, Timber that can be cores.

                        im so fucking bad

                          I hope tinkerbell is a mid/safelane(i prefer safelane) carry hero. It seems like a really fun hero to play tbh but i didnt like puss in boots because the hero sounds like riki 2.0 with break.

                          im so fucking bad

                            Puss in boots sound like a roaming hero while tinkerbell soundlike a lane support but i want tinkerbell to be a carry

                            Vful Spirit

                              If Tinkerbell is indeed Sylph, there is evidence that her abilities are quite similar to Puck.

                              I WUV YOU SHO MUCH  ❤

                                He's wielding a sword and named Zorro, if he's not a carry GabeN needs to fire someone.


                                  Not sure, but loli-ish fairy hero is amazing by design.
                                  Dota needed one real cute type hero.


                                    Excuse me AvoNKrad. my mmr is 5k and according to valve i am above average (2.2k) so my profile picture must be respected and all 3k scum must not have anything remotely related to it.

                                    I am numb

                                      This is way too cringe u 2
                                      Please delete ur accounts


                                        honestly i just want more information.


                                          Excuse me, FeelsBadMan? your mmr is 1.8k and according to valve you are below average (2.2k) so your opinion must not be respected and your analysis on the game is not legit and you are not going on factual basis. You like to kiss ass of any pro without any reason. U have no right to critisize it u bastard .

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                                            eww ponies


                                              I don't even know what to say to that.

                                              im so fucking bad

                                                Weeeee i love ponies and i ride them everyday


                                                  BEHOLD: Syplph 1. "an imaginary spirit of the air." 2. "a mainly dark green and blue hummingbird, the male of which has a long forked tail."

                                                  air spirit confirmed, named sylph


                                                    incoming invisible sylph hero able to move through the forests unseen and gank unknowning foes:



                                                      dota 2 lul, just like how your mother rides me daily. It must be genetic.

                                                      good pos 4 (VERY GOOD)

                                                        will probably be a roaming hero.

                                                        he jumps around a lot in the video, and rolls around (initiation). maybe him cutting BB's pins hints at a armour reduction skill, jumping on magnus hints at a stun. I would be really hyped for a new roamer.

                                                        the other one kind of hints at a jungler? maybe he can jungle while affecting lanes with the "wisp"thing from his lantern. seems appropriate, since there is currently no hero that farm can jungle creeps and affect lanes at the same time.

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                                                          May be zorro ult is passive Break chance or active Break wih charges or low cooldown.
                                                          Seems like he will be an offlaner/roamer

                                                          The hot fairy loli seems like she will be a support.
                                                          And thank goodness if she is too, not enough viable support options.


                                                            Zorro ult=


                                                            washed up

                                                              More roamers = me playing again

                                                              Vful Spirit

                                                                After watching the trailer again, it feels like he is not a carry, he seems more like a roaming support, because he seems to be a lot more utility oriented than DPS oriented. There is evidence of disarm, break, force staff and a ability similar to Rolling Boulder/Savage Roar/ Snowball.

                                                                im so fucking bad

                                                                  ^ told you. I love to see tinkerbell in real game

                                                                  washed up

                                                                    Nah it will be your classic pub core and roamer on high mmr games like riki, bh, mk, etc


                                                                      exactly what i think as well - it will be a roaming support. do we need one more int roaming support? my guess is that currently not many roaming supps fit the meta and instead of updating them (when was the last time bane was in meta?) volvo is coming up with a wind spirit-tinkerbell fusion. put tank in a mall for all i care lol

                                                                      Abdal Maleq

                                                                        We actually need anti-mobility hero,really lack of it

                                                                        Let me think
                                                                        Only 2 anti-mobility, bloodcyka and keeper of the light

                                                                        Compared to mobility hero
                                                                        Slark,am,qop,weaver,mk,ember,sank king,tinker,meepo,riki etc etc

                                                                        Need i say more?

                                                                        I am numb

                                                                          ^yes cuz as long as they rely on spells anyone with a long duration silence, or instant cast disable is antimobility, or even other mobility heroes are also anti mobility because they can chase. So doom, silencer, night stalker, lion, shadow shaman, Shaker, void, nyx etc counter mobility in some way
                                                                          Not enough catch for elusive heroes isn't a problem in a Shaker and nightstalker sk and nyx meta.
                                                                          U forgot puck
                                                                          The game needs to just stop the teams with high catch and initiation from automatically winning most engagements. Ee said this where there r so many hills where u don't have uphill vision, so these heroes with catch can jump u around these places and just win team fights like that.

                                                                          Playing Carry as Supp

                                                                            I love roaming And anti mobility <3
                                                                            My meta is coming guys

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                                                                              Meanwhile I just want ogre to get a mspd buff

                                                                              Potato Marshal

                                                                                Loli hero finally?

                                                                                I am numb

                                                                                  I want wyvern to get an agi gain buff and a Ms buff
                                                                                  It's all I want


                                                                                    i just want to play new heroes, ever since the announcement ive been bored with what i have

                                                                                    Potato Marshal

                                                                                      For some reason, I feel like that armadillo guy is going to have a disarm ability.


                                                                                        that's really all speculation.. the point is, do you guys really think if a new anti-mobility + roamer is introduced, it will be a new meta? cuz if yes, then that means valve intentionally introduced the hero/es to change the meta, and that would be interesting.

                                                                                        Spiel Times

                                                                                          If you guys might, feel free to check out the 2 Speculation articles. Resourceful stuff -

                                                                                          Part 1 (puss in boots) :
                                                                                          Part 2 (tinkerbell) :

                                                                                          SEA is shit

                                                                                            Nice anyway