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how to climb 5k if only play support in General Discussion

    I was stuck in 4k for 6 months with just playing hero support.give me a solution for this

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      G I D

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        stop playing supports that aren't suited for pub games aka rubick and aa?


          how about spam sb?

          im not wearing a shirt

            Play support properly.


              What hero is suitable for this?
              Ok I tried spam spirit breaker


                By not basing your gameplay with 2k logic 🤔


                  roaming can win all lanes if u do it good, pos 5 supports can make your carry be ahead by like 3k networth to the enemy carry if u do it properly, offlaner can make the enemy carry useless if u do it good, carry can push all towers by minute 20 if u do it good, mid can finish the game in 25 mins if u do it good. ur choice

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                    Thanks for his advice but very hard if u play in sea

                    River in the desert

                      very hard play in sea
                      >most played hero techies


                        have you tried destroying the enemy ancient


                          u have to play like a 5k support. then it is possible to reach 5k with support.


                            @cookie how do you destroy the enemy ancient as cm?


                              like every other hero, by bringing it's hp to 0


                                u spam roaming sb or cm/silencer/phoenix(pos 5)

                                Potato Marshal

                                  u have to play like a 5k support

                                  Easier to play like a 4.5k support spamming overpowered meta heroes.


                                    If its party mmr i recommend visage, i had been quite successful with him against some 5ks on int ranked party mmr.


                                      Easier to play like a 4.5k support spamming overpowered meta heroes.

                                      like a 3k id say cos these heroes are basically playing themselves and dont require any major game understanding
                                      u just inflate ur mmr by spamming them
                                      but what's the point?


                                        ^? lol how about visage?


                                          believe it or not
                                          i'm playing at sea server all my game
                                          and im playing support in 99 percent of my games in ranked
                                          and i manage to climb from 3k to right now 4.8k mmr in about 3 months
                                          not to say im good or anything
                                          just do ur best as a supporter
                                          and dont give up

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                                            ^good luck bro, i hope you dont get throwers/cancers as teammates so you'll get to 5k

                                            ᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌

                                              @cookie is there any way i can talk to you privately? because i really need some advice on how to get good. Thanks:)


                                                A suggestion: You don't buy midas when you're a solo support. You will badly lose early game and won't get enough time to recoup the midas gold + buy your core item like Aghs for KOTL or Blink/Euls/Force Staff for others. If you usually are the solo support, pick one with good farming potential. Shadow Shaman is an excellent example. Can zone solo offlaners, flash farm with Q, push towers with ult and has disables that aren't terrible.


                                                  ^good luck bro, i hope you dont get throwers/cancers as teammates so you'll get to 5k

                                                  In the long run you ll get there anyway if you truly deserve it no matter who you get on your way


                                                    my steam is linked to my dotabuff, so is my facebook


                                                      pick a support that can zone enemies easily, use your mic and captain


                                                        Besides that huge losing streak I got yesterday that almost made me die from a stroke 'cause I had to support fucking idiots, my experience in 4k is going pretty well as a position 5. I'm still low 4k tho, I don't know in what part of the 4k bracket you are currently, but almost every game I'm getting matched with at least 6-7 people at mid/high 4k and with low/mid 5k in some games. From what I've seen from my little experience I can suggest you:
                                                        - To always first pick, better to have a countered support than a countered midder (retards first picking Voker) or carry.
                                                        - Since you will have to first pick get heroes that are overall good so you won't bother about getting countered too much (Jakiro, Lion, CM, Ogre, Lich...). Get a strong support that can zone out the offlaner pretty easily, this is the most important part of supporting imo. If you manage to zone them out or kill them every time they enter the lane you'll be able to afford to leave the lane and rotate somewhere else, or get the tower early, and delay their blink, armor or whatever by a lot. Offlaners really struggle to get back into the game once they have their early game destroyed and are left with no exp most of all. In case you are running a trilane and you already managed to trigger the offlaner, smoke with your other support and go gank the jungler if they have one. Don't forget afk Bloodcykas, LCs, Enigmas. Delay their potential as long as possible and exploit the advantage to get objectives and space on the map.
                                                        - To start the game being always nice (funny how this is coming from me) and make your team understand that you're ready to sacrifice for them. When you load into the game don't wait for your midder to ask you for tangos and a ward, do it automatically, or give him tangos and then smoke-tp mid to place the ward. Get all the wards if you know your offlaner is gonna face a trilane or just a tough lane and needs as much regen as possible. Basically be their fucking slave, but by doing this they will know they can rely on you and trust you. This will make them more forgiving in case you miss a spell or forget to buy a ward and they'll be more available to buy a ward if they see you with no gold.
                                                        - During the laning phase ask them if they need something and always take a look at the minimap to inform them about possible ganks or rotations they might not see due to the fact that they'll be there trading last hits and stuff. Or if the enemy just got a game breaking item like a blink on Axe. You don't just get wards, you yourself are already THE ward.
                                                        - Don't afk in lane leeching exp like a retard, this is the most annoying thing on Dota probably. There's always something to do.
                                                        - If you realize you can't zone out nor kill the offlaner and that he can't kill your carry just leave the lane and let them trade last hits getting equal exp, it's the best thing you can do. Go be productive somewhere else, smoke-gank mid, rotate top, go jungle if you have the right hero, whatever. But before you do that always inform your carry you're leaving and explain why, most of them are braindead, self-centered babies that will then suffer from some sort of abandon syndrome because you left them and won't realize you did it with a good purpose, not to ruin their game.
                                                        - Make sure you get one escape/disable item asap to help yourself and your team depending on the game, whether it is force staff or glimmer, eul, solar crest. But don't be too greedy, no midas rush and no aghs rush.

                                                        Being support is the easiest role you can cover on Dota in a way, mechanically speaking, no one expects you to end with a 600 gpm/exp, but in another way it's the hardest too. You need a lot of game sense and brains to paradoxically be the slave that actually sets your entire team's actions. It's usually the support that knows when it's best to gank, who to gank, when to push, rosh or retreat. There's a guy called Puppey that seems to be pretty decent at doing all these things.

                                                        Mlada i Luda

                                                          that guy called puppey is the ' father of dota'


                                                            It was sarcastic :D "seems to be pretty decent"

                                                            Raj Limbasia

                                                              That guy called 🍩🍪Cookie🍪🍩 is the father of dota


                                                                Mafioso is SLQ?

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                                                                    I play visage pos 5 and am very successful with him, i beat 5ks on party int ranked using him


                                                                      I don't have a mic HALP!!!!!


                                                                        Farm for one.