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General Discussiongift me new adnroid :3

gift me new adnroid :3 in General Discussion
7th sorrow

    ty ty ty


      send nudes

      got my priorities straight

        Not new but she's 18. :horse:

        Neko Gamer Soul

          Newer and better looking than the one previously above.

          7th sorrow

            i dont know what the fuck is that kids talking about


              Why not iPhone

              1-IceTea 🌟

                ^I don't need nude,bring your prettiest cousin to my place and I'll give u a new Android


                  Now that's more like it


                    Fun fact: tae means shit in pinoy language

                    The Rider

                      gift me 4000$ i gift you new Android

                      DR. Amasam

                        TAE : STOOL

                        7th sorrow


                          get me out

                            shut the fuck up kid

                            Major 4Head

                              Iz oly endroid. Y u heff to bi chip?