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    Can someone explain to me what the hell is going on?

    I've seen that there is some drama with EE and puppey and basicially everyone calling puppey are pile of shit. So what the hell happened? :D


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        character assassination


          I have a headset, I have a monitor, Ughhhh!!!, Fight me!


            The best answer u can get is ask this directly to puppey, and ofc i dont think puppey dare to speak the truth.

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                dude google for EE blog about team secret.
                in short he claim that team secret didn't give him some his payments puppy is violence and lazy person behind the cameras.
                probably this is why he throw in TI6.


                  There was a blog post or something similar about puppey by EE. The post was about puppey being extremely hostile against his teammates and some problems with the payments while in team secret(depending him and the manager).

                  To exaggerate the rage EE posted a video of puppey slaming his headset against a monitor.

                  The conclusion of the community: Puppey is a piece of shit who wants to fight everyone to prove his dominance. Tbf some are only using it as a meme because it actually is a hilarious one("fight me").

                  What I noticed is that nobody really gives Puppey the benefit of the doubt and believe every single word EE said.
                  The only real source he has in this blog are take outs from chats Puppey and Kemal had with him and EE insisting to get some information out of them.

                  What people do not recognize is that EE was in almost every single one of his former teams the one player who threw games, he even got a name out of it.
                  Personally I think that the story about the payments has some merit, as in Kemal has fucked the players over. I don't even denie the fact that Kemal have been fucked over by Panda and the rest of the companies mentioned. There seems to be a lot of greed in the post and I would argue that the majority is coming from EE himself.
                  Also I think that the part of overaggressive Puppey is really exaggerated. He was so many years in the proscene and not one single rage fact leaked, and now he is suddenly the main villain in a hero story starring EE.

                  Just one more thing about the rage video. EE's argument is that he has a video about Puppey raging. So f-ing what? I have watched a few videos during the time EE was playing with notail in Cloud 9(i think) where he was the one flaming his own teammates right before TI.
                  I am like 70% sure that a lot of that blogpost is EE projecting and trying to use cheap shots at Puppey for defamation. The worst thing Puppey could do is take the bait and try to defend himself, because the community will jump at him and make real drama about it.


                    I think EE is portraying it from his point of view just to keep the eyes from the fact that he fucked up himself pretty badly during the turnament. He is just writting it to get publicity for his new team.
                    Watch the video at 12:55, he is playing batrider. Pretty amazing ulty.

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                        Well, EE provided some evidence such as communication etc. Also facts that Team Secret didn't have contracts is alarming (nice paradox to "I know how business works and I know the right people" words from theirmanager). I don't think it's all Puppey's fault (but he, for sure, takes some responsibility because he is captain)... but Kemal (or whatever is that manager called) definitely is to blame - this guy behaves like scammer (poker players are familiar to this). Fact that they didn't pay EE, W33ha etc even after they promised to do so, taking cuts, failed sponsorings are just facts - other ppl also backed EE's words and this is not the first time secret was accused of not paying their employees and also, noone didn't even tried to say it's not truth - which would be understandable if it was just some random shoutout but this was taken seriously by whole community.

                        I'm not EE fan (and propably never will be) to believe that everything he said is pure truth and whole truth but there's no doubt something fishy in team Secret.

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                          "Puppey is a piece of sh*t"

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