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General DiscussionI have ported the original eul Warcraft 3 Dota map (first Dota ever) ...

I have ported the original eul Warcraft 3 Dota map (first Dota ever) to Dota 2! in General Discussion

    I was hard at work lately and I have ported the original eul 3.76d Warcraft 3 map to Dota 2! One of the very first Dota maps ever, the original eul-versions from which everything started! Before Allstars, before Guinsoo, before Icefrog, before Dota 2, before LOL, before HON! Before HOTS!

    That map was the beginning, the start of the genre.

    Here's the map:

    Search on the in-game Dota 2 arcade for "Dota Classic" to play it.

    All the orginal mechanics are there:

    *All items fully shareable
    *Killing a barracks stops the respective production
    *Secret river shop
    *Morbazan (secret quest)
    *Special exclusive items tied to scourge/sentinel
    *Warcraft 3-like corpse system to make the undead-spells work
    *Hero-selection tied to factions
    *Gold-transfer between players

    All original heroes ported, with the exception of four! (they will get ported too, just a bit later)

    With the exception of the infravision-dog (coming soon) all items ported, all spells and the old layout!

    Some things not completely aligned with the original yet:

    *mega-creeps still there (weren't in the original), working on it to remove them
    *Leshrac is not a 100% copy, as is Luna's ultimate (working on that)
    *Some stats of the neutral creeps and their respawn-timers

    *Some damage types could be wrong (magic instead of pure etc. - that's just because so many of them got ported, 28 * 4! Some mistakes are inevitable)

    It's not going to be 100% replica in all areas, that's simply impossible given the engine differences, but it's very close. The experience is pretty authentic.

    So, if you always wanted to experience how it all started, you have the chance now!



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      Some more:


      The classic attract spell:


        it is jus as amazing as it is useless

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          Would the hotkeys be like in Dota 1 where you cast a spell by the first letter of the spell? lmao


            "it is jus as amazing as it is useless"

            It's less useless than one might think. The original dota had a very different playstyle than allstars and the later offshots.

            It was way more role-based. For example, you had couriers and healers (Celeste and Nilirai), summoners (Necro), siegers (Earthshaker). The healers acted as hard counters to the summoners, due their mass-dispel abilities.

            It was way more role/class-based, kinda comparable to games like Team Fortress.

            Sieging the base had a bigger role than today, team work was way more important due emphasized classes.

            Some things pioneered in this map were never truly picked up, for example:

            One of the strongest pushers in the game is Necro (raises dead creeps), but because new lane-creeps won't be generated in a lane once their respective barracks are destroyed, destroying the enemy rax cripples necro severly, because he has no more materials for his army! That could flip a game completely.

            It wasn't just Dota 2 with less heroes, but a game of its own. One worth trying out in my opinion.

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              Ok. Tomorow i will try it out

              a funk

                So cool. Thanks for your work, I'm gonna check it out

                low hero pool lul

                  Remember that corpses blocked neutral spawns. Kids these days don't know the struggle of clearing the camp before xx: 48


                    Everything about corpses is implemented, except the neutral-spawn block.

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                      Wasted :O

                      low hero pool lul

                        Muh skill cap


                          Is this the version were there's dragons defending on both sides?


                            !! I still always wondering if the corpse is gonna block the spawn but notice it usually doesn't but I still try every time to prevent it guess I was chasing ghost when did corpse stop spawning was that just a dota 1 thing ? I quit dota for about 6 years then came back to dota 2 so don't know when that got phased out .


                              Ah shietzzz, the memories


                                I am glad to say that Dota Classic reached now version 1.1!

                                Notable changes in this release:

                                *The shop system is completely revamped! All items are now sold by the classic shop vendors ("Sena the Accessorizer" etc.) instead of the one-shop system of Dota 2.

                                *All items have their original cool-down timings (in eul-Dota, some items couldn't be bought at start - that mechanic is now in)

                                *the map is a bit more aligned with the original (tower stats)

                                *Lots of bugfixes

                                *The respawn system for creeps is completely revamped: All neutral creeps have now their original respawn-timers and stat-configuration (HP, armor, amount of spawned creeps etc.). Unfortunately, as a side-effect, the camps aren't shown on the minimap anymore (the icons are tied to the standard spawner, which has been replaced), maybe this can be resolved in the next update.

                                *Lane creeps are revamped as well: No more spawns of mega creeps, like in the original.

                                *AND... another classic hero ported: Mandevar!

                                This update is huge, because now all the original mechanics are in. The remake is almost finished! All that is left (aside from a few bugs maybe) are the missing three heroes and one item.


                                  New version out and another classic hero ported: Sidereal Engine! This is the famous tank from the eul version which never had a proper replacement in allstars/Dota 2. A true premiere. One of the most unique heroes in Dota history.

                                  >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

                                    Okay ty. Now make Diretide


                                      New version: 1.3.

                                      Pit Lord added!

                                      The classic Pit Lord is a completely different beast compared to the Dota 2 and Dota Allstars version - he is a true tank in ROC Dota (he can summon felhounds and has reincarnation).

                                      girl problems

                                        Make a reddit post. You'll get a lot more exposure there


                                          Thanks for the map. Love ya.


                                            New version: 1.4.

                                            Stealth Assassin (hero) and infravision dog (item) added. With that, the game is now feature-complete!

                                            That's it, with this update all heroes and items from the original eul ROC Dota are now in! The port is done!

                                            I will add some bugfixes in the next few days/next week and release 1.5 with that, but that's it for the most part. The main work is done. The original dota that that sparked the genre is now ported to Dota 2!



                                              Well, the promised 1.5 bugfix version is out now. There are some bugfixes, some spells are more aligned with the original and it's possible to attack allies at any point, just like in the WC3 version.

                                              That's it. Game is pretty much done. If people will find some bugs or there will be a game breaking change in the Dota 2 client, I will fix it, but the main work is finished now. Horraaay!


                                                Now that it is done, why have I done this?

                                                The heroes in classic were a lot more specialized and had a lot in common with the medic/engineer/heavy/soldier classes found in games like Team Fortress.

                                                For example: Each side had a hero which could heal and teleport (Celeste and Nilirai - today's Lina and Furion). These were absolutely crucial, because they served as medics on the map, couriers (it was possible to send gold to other players and share items, yet there were no animal couriers) and were able to deal area damage. This was important because of the many summons the map had and the medics were their counters.

                                                The summoners in turn worked a lot like engineers - their primary focus was about about moving their summoned units in the best possible position - correct skeleton positioning (blocking enemy heroes etc.) was extremely important for the Wraithlord (today's lich).

                                                There was also a dedicated tower-sieger class: Old Earthshaker, Sidereal Engine.

                                                One of the main reasons I started with the map was because I was really fed up with modern dota clones at some point and wanted to recreate the feeling the originals gave (Dota Classic, Tides of Blood). Those were far more team based: The gold pooling, the enforced team work through the healer/summoner classes, no mega-heroes due less powerful items etc.

                                                Some of the things about Tides of Blood here:


                                                Apply to Dota Classic as well. To recreate that team-feeling was one of the main reasons I did the map.