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What are high and very high skill? in General Discussion
Charles Xavier

    1. What do they represent?
    2. How to evaluate?


      really want to know how it works also..


        under 3200 mmr -> normal bracket
        3200-3800 mmr -> high
        3800 and above -> very high

        But I dont know my soloq games are without any tag since I am 4.4kmmr. Something skill bracket tab is shown, sometimes it isnt.


          some of my games have very high skills but some nothing at all, for instance when i use bloodseeker my score was 16 kills 0 death 12 assists but there's nothing shown on it but my necrophos was 3 kills 9 deaths 2 assists and it shows high skills in my dotabuff. Can anyone explain this? thank you :)


            It doesn't have anything to do with how well you do in any specific game. It's based on your MMR and the MMR of those with you in your party.

            Sometimes the API shows the skill bracket, and sometimes it doesn't


              Does unranked use a different MMR to ranked?


                yes (6 char)


                  well my ranked games are very high but my unranked games range from normal to high and for some reason when im in low prio i usually get into very high bracket games

                  no idea how unranked works now


                    Soo... Do normal brackets not indicate anything under ranked games? Only High and Very High show up?


                      @noscrub, where did you get the information for these brackets? Those numbers seem off... just a gut feeling im going on though.


                        @ N0pe

                        Normal and ranked are separate mmr.

                        TAM DEP TRAI

                          It represent the average skills of 10 players during the match (Not yourself skill). For example you and 9 of other have MMR average above 3800 they will set Very High Match.

                          One the other hand if you 3800 above and party with someone around 3000 - it mean other party will have pp whom 3800 and around 3000 as well . So the average skills of this match will be HIGH -- not Very High

                          @prince9004: So you dont be surprise when u kill more in that match with BS because that match lvl only Normal -- it mean that match opponent has someone lvl Below you that's why you get more kills. Therefore the match with Necro you died more but they ranked HIGH - because that match both party average lvl is HIGH. I guess your MMR around 3200-3700.

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                            whether or not a game is shown or not has nothing to do with skill, but since it cant actually check which bracket its in from the dota api, it has to guess and its trying to make sure its not giving wrong information with the bracket so it only shows ones its certain about.

                            and the numbers are roughly the consensus (that noscrub provided)

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                            Flat is Justice!

                              personally i dont feel a big difference between normal and ranked games, the hidden mmr is pretty similar to your shown mmr after abt a few hundreds games i guess

                              Von Darkmoor

                                Hidden mmr is waaaay more accurate than the shown then again i have alot more matches in the hidden and personly i get a better match playing in the normal que also the teammates seem to be a lot better less qq and more pew pew if you know what i mean + the games are a bit more challenging as a whole instead of just stomp one way or the other.

                                Bot (Passive)

                                  the only difference ive noticed is that in ranked players tryhard in 70-80% of the games whereas in normal you get players messing around or not pulling as tryhardy moves in most of the games though its still a reasonably common occurrence


                                    lol who cares dawg


                                      Team's XPM and GPM, both should be 2500 above to get "Very High" Skill Bracket


                                        Dotabuff doesn't have access to MMR statistics so their assesment of what is 'very high', 'high' and 'normal' is probably based on some inhouse algorithm and is evaluated on per game basis.

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                                          what mean XPM and GPM


                                            experience per minute and gold per minute

                                            Scrub Destroyer | Noob Tuber


                                              This is my smurf acc., and it approves that it ''doesn't'' git determined by MMR scrub. Step it up

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                                                You obviously know very little about the how accounts, rating, MMR, hidden MMR, and smurfs work. I will give you a couple minutes to edit your post so you don't look stupid.


                                                  lol he's just asking

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                                                    Scrub Destroyer isn't and Havoc is right xD


                                                      1. Chances of getting idiots in your game.
                                                      2. The amount of effort required on your behalf to actually win a game, let alone enjoy one.

                                                      Indra Ramadhan

                                                        I always get idiot in my team


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                                                            @Indra you bumped a month old topic to let people know you always get idiots in your team? Plus they have you playing some weird ass shitty Vengeful SB carry thing which is utterly appalling.

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                                                              I´ve got new account. 5 games played, 80% WR, decent KDA tho..and under last two games is written high sklil and very high skill...i don´t get it what does it mean. So unranked(since i cannot play ranked) games are not random or what? Or how it works actually?

                                                              Homosexual Safari

                                                                You have a hidden mmr which is different from ranked but works in the same way.



                                                                  MR. [A]RES

                                                                    How to play very high skill matches only? Is it somehow related to xpm and gpm as discussed in the previous thread?

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                                                                      Oh God do people on this site never learn? You play in very high games by improving either you hidden or displayed MMR to or above 3700 if your playing unranked its harder to gauge where you're at but if you keep playing well you will go up over time.


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                                                                                  illidan Windrage.eXe

                                                                                    am level 8 and wen i play with my friends i get high skills only.. how do i get into very high skills bracket? tell me pls

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                                                                                      @Foxy.eXe, pls stop trolling, read this what havoc said

                                                                                      THICC BABY SHUM

                                                                                        lvl dsnt mean a shit,


                                                                                          I'm normal skill but I belive I should be very high. Look my xpm and gpm. Is so good but still normal skill? This game ain't worth my time.