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General DiscussionOn a 12 Winstreak, My Record so Far. Am I Gonna Suffer Soon?

On a 12 Winstreak, My Record so Far. Am I Gonna Suffer Soon? in General Discussion
Mah Leymons



      This week I hit 15 twice. My record. Twice.

      It went like this, 15 wins -> 1 loss -> 15 wins -> 1 loss -> 10 wins

      Not even joking.

      Havoc Badger

        Lets make calls on heroes which you play before you lose, whoever causes you the loss is to blame.

        I call a non-ranked game with the first hero you played with so either Tide or LD.

        Next person calls the type of game/mode/hero and so on #playingwithlives

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          I'd says Nature prophet - Dire side - after 32 minutes - with a KDA of 2.55


            silent hill will be a prettier place than where you're going.

            Fpz ☔

              Lucky shit :P


                Get ready


                  your trash, noone cares. stupid kid ~.~.

                  its soon gonna happen, the worst russian players will be waiting for ya


                    dont u get scared as fuck to play?

                    Mah Leymons

                      I kind of was, BUT YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH YOUR FEARS. Played one solo queue game after I made this thread, was actually pretty easy. And then a 5 stack game which gave only 5 points -_-

                      Don't Lewd Cuckoldthulu

                        Relax I got up to 15.


                          Relax and go normal

                          Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                            Play Io please.


                              I was on my biggest lose streak
                              -> pick slark
                              -> gg no re


                                ur fucked dude


                                  Got up to 10 winning streak then game was hard


                                    Played with you, you kinda carried us with lycan :D wp

                                    Havoc Badger

                                      Well your still on that streak, lets see if you can outlast another day.


                                        You'll see, you're gonna have 30 games where no one buys courier/wards and people leave after first blood.

                                        Mah Leymons

                                          @Melody-San | NO WAY.
                                          @OA | Havoc Badger Let's see if I will. #roadto6k


                                            wp bois


                                              Do you feel like you're playing better just so you can keep your streak? Lolol

                                              Mah Leymons

                                                No but I feel like my teammates are playing worse to break my streak.

                                                Havoc Badger

                                                  Well you haven't lost yet, so here's hoping.


                                                    Wow 15 in a row. Get 20 in a row! You can do it!


                                                      play luner pls


                                                        inb4 +300?

                                                        Mah Leymons

                                                          Luner ain't working for me sadly.

                                                          Edit: Another one boys. Going well for now.

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                                                            In other news. Has anyone else noticed Abyssal Underlord in the heroes list in your matches page?


                                                              ^Yup, I did. It's been there for a while now actually (give or take a few weeks?)


                                                                lycan/slark ez lyf


                                                                  Nice 5.8k mmr and top 100 eu man :)

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                                                                    No. its Wrestlemania tonight. You have been blessed by the win streak of the Undertaker. You will not lose a match anymore

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