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    totally the 2022 battle pass so DISAPPOINTING "duh" hopefully all said and done valve should be more sensitive to the dota2 community so that the next battle pass will be much more exciting and fun to play..


      battlepass 2022 no immortal treasure 3

      Nemesis 041

        Yes, definitely more PvE game modes. We definitely need more Aghanim's Labyrinths and Siltbreakers more than Diretides and Underhollows.

        Flying Squirrel

          Just played again this weekend for the first time in 3 years. Lots has changed, but nothing was disappointing to me about getting a free battle pass and arcana.

          九层独壁草 [Loy]

            Do not split the battle pass into part one and two! Makes no sense to in terms of rewards. Do not have cavern crawl 1 and then just another one for some meaningless color change. Cavern crawl need not be hero oriented but quest oriented, that way you dont have to play niche heroes.


              The two layers of cavern crawl is so tedious especially since you have to complete one or the other, and in all honesty forces the player to grind heroes they simply don't want to play or are useless at (e.g. I'm a shocking LC player). The fact they give the "cavern sets" to the same heroes as well that already have 10s of sets is pointless.. If they are going to keep going with it, make it that losses count half again or Turbo is the full amount. The weekly quests like "build S+Y" encourages toxic behaviour like 3 heroes sitting in the fountain and assembling, reassembling rather than playing Dota..

              Diretide is hot garbage - I find it more toxic than standard Dota2. Siltbreaker or Labyrinth is 100% the way forward.

              Whilst I liked the Candy Shop, it definitely could be better with a definitive list of what could be obtained and the odds (maybe do escalating odds for more rerolls for the rarer items?).


                I play every day but still the cavern take so much effort that i dont even try to complete it