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    Slark is so annoying to play against.
    Also, First.


      Leshrac is still strong!

      Lirói Dinquins

        Im surprised Silencer hasn't meet the need-nerf threshold, not even as honorable mention. The hero wins 55% of games, it is quite viable as both support and mid, and the hero has a too low cooldown for global now, allowing him to use global just for a gank.


          razor isn't even mentioned? This post is irrelevant.


            Hey bro, you know what really desperately needs a nerf? It's the matchmaking system that robs people of their time, forcing losers on one side, and winners on the other. What's good bro how about making an article about how the matchmaking system ruined my life?


              Razor not being included and the fact that this writer believes Slark's shard can save his teammates from Chrono is a joke )))


                Fixed the Slark section, my bad.
                Razor is not 100% of the problem, though, it is mostly Bloodstone being too good.

                RosHan Solo

                  I'd really like to see Juggernaut nerfed.. it doesn't matter if you dumpster him in lane, if he gains any sort of space he just snowballs too hard

                  |Хаваю кутикулы

                    Razor is too strong with bloodstone


                      Razor and Leshrac are still way too strong, especially if you don't have lineup who can burst down or isolate the hero from the team.


                        Viper bloodstone is legit


                          Legion needed a nerf 4 patches ago; this hero is so polarizing in pubs it's not even funny. Legions move speed is too high, the passive is too strong, the ultimate cooldown is too low, and the insta-kill potential with blink blade mail is ridiculous. Other than that, juggernauts Q could use a duration / damage nerf for the early game and silencers ultimate shouldn't go through bkb.

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                          asio black ops

                            based as fuck

                            Crystal Meth & Crotch Rot

                              Slark's winrate in pro games in the last 30 days sits at 50.2% (from 237 games), meanwhile Brood and TA both have a similar number of games played but both with 57.9% winrate
                              Right now Lycan has 57% winrate in immortal bracket.
                              Riki has a higher winrate than Slark across all brackets and is FAR more annoying to deal with for the average disorganised pub team.

                              Remember that 85% of all people who play DOTA do so in the Herald to Legend brackets, and in all of those brackets slark has a winrate of 51%... hardly seems OP, especially for a hero with a reputation as a pubstomper in low skill games.

                              Anyway... I digest.
                              To sum up, Slark feels like he is in a pretty good place to me, he's moderately strong but by no means broken... he has been considered anything from trash tier to "average at best" in high skill pubs and pro games for YEARS now and it's literally only been in the last 3 months that he has finally had a moment in the spotlight. Harsh nerfs seem unreasonable when you consider how long other heroes have been allowed to remain legitimately overpowered without any nerfs.


                                It would be nice if they could rework the following heroes:

                                Broodmother (highly important)

                                Shadow Demon





                                Treant Protector



                                Schultzman Gabonito

                                  lmao there are heroes that are way more OP, naga is nothing