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          I'm master tier on Mars, as well as having it be my most played hero. The reason why this hero is still a pillar of pro team drafts despite the numerous nerfs is, in my opinion, the simplicity of the hero. Aside from spear being harder to land than most skills, all of his kit is straight forward and simple. This means he will always preform his job, even if it isn't able to be as flashy as it used to, with lower damage numbers across the board. He still has debatably the strongest laning out of any offlaner in the early levels, being able to secure ranged creeps with a nuke on a low cooldown and manacost while also harassing the enemy hero. Additionally his E counters every ranged carry, slightly less so for Drow and Clinkz, but dissuading an entire group of heroes because of Bulwark + Arena is powerful, and it sometimes bleeds into mid heroes as well, like TA.

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          Agandaur Jowraek

            See mars buy refresher in pro scene, using arena two times trapping enemy ranged carry. She deals no damage since all of her projectile get blocked by the wall of arena. BKB is useless since it doesnt protect the projectile.

            Jugo Boss

              I think you are looking mostly at stats, the hero simply works well with the meta, with the items that are good right now, and current preffered playstyle for the offlane role, just compare Mars with the rest of the offlane heroes, it doesn't matter if a hero is nerfed or has a negative winrate if it's still better than the other choices in it's role, if the hero is picked so much by HIGH LEVEL PLAYERS it's for a reason, and if they don't stop picking it is because they don't regret it.


                Good hero, but pretty much very straightforward and unflexible, so maybe not the best for pros, but what he does he does well.


                  I played a lot of mars . Imo he works like a pro players axe . Reliable , stable offlaner with tools to deal with anything . Is he overrated ? Yes , a lot . Is he must have ? Nop. Is he a pudge of pro scene ? I wouldnt agree. Comfort pick , yes but not a pick for fun and hit one good spell to win a game type of hero.

                  drunk enigma

                    Yeah these statistics really dont mean anything, Mars is picked in the first 3-4 picks which means that the other team takes steps to reduce the impact of the hero. So yeah, early pick heroes will have lower winrates but can still be very good.