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Can't think of a proper n...

    I hope for the hero changes, specifically some insane reworks of abilities and talents to make players try out new things, to have some new fun strats + some overall meta tweak from teamfight=win.


      nerf sven

      Average Crypto Bro

        buff invoker


          Give MKB a cooldown for the proc like basher but just a quicker cooldown.

          Anal enjoyer

            ^why don't just reduce mkb's chance instead? like %75->%65


              Buff meepo plz. This hero is literally unplayable right now!


                Buff tinker thanks.


                  Crystal Maiden movement speed reduced by 50

                  Patch notes end

                  Brünk Hüll

                    I am firmly in the 'remove neutral items entirely' camp. Either they are relevant and therefore imbalanced due to their random nature, or they are a distraction that, while giving free stats, don't have impact worth spending time trying to acquire.

                    If they are to stay in the game, I'd rather see the items be handed to players upon reaching a target, and they can select which item they get from the tier. Target could be cs, xp, networth, or a combination of some stuff etc. Items can be picked up at the outpost OR the secret shop OR exclusively at the returning side shop.

                    Kayser Soze

                      Make drum of endurance lvl up by buying recipe, like Dagon. Just refreshing charges in not enough. It also should increase stats or bonuses it gives while activated. You have never seen someone buying another recipe because of its useless. And for the love of god make Doom’s infernal blade to have a true strike: how should I break with Aghanim PA passive if I’m not able even to hit her.

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                        Its time now to have 6v6 hero.. 2 hero each lane...


                          Make Pudge great again!


                            Nerf Clinkz make him unable to eat huge zombies in Diretide. Please don't nerf Sven. I love Sven <3


                              Aside from balancing, I hope there will be more innovations like map changes, new items, or even some new stuff. I'm open to try new innovations added to the game

                              Pos 5 missing Stheno & Eu...

                                Nobody is talking about glimmer getting nerfed....good :)


                                  I personally think they should remove neutral items too but they seem to add the talents they have and neutral items to try and be inclusive to the hero pool as much as possible and maybe have found out that it's essentially the same thing its always been.

                                  It truly depends on what their next goal is. Is it to just shake up the meta on the same foundation? or is it to move Dota in the next direction. Because if they want to move dota in the next direction then adding things like Shrines, Outposts, neutral items isn't the way to go. It just causes unnecessary inflation. Something has to be changed or a core mechanic needs a rework. Adding things is just making it harder for newer players to learn and making the game more irrelevant for your mistakes.

                                  Slark Suρρort

                                    Make 5 lanes instead of 3.


                                      We need ranked matchmaking for South Africa. Playing ranked games with 200 ping is really frustrating.

                                      INT 21h

                                        nerf sven's scepter


                                          Make Kotl good again


                                            Nice wishlist. Here is mine: Actual new item.

                                            The game kinda needs a refresh, but that's because I'm bored. Anyhow, I welcome a heroes' update.


                                              Please, i beg you, just rework the current LS, his feast needs to be like before... his rage must reduce BAT, and he doesnt need any passive AS, cause desrroys every lane, his ultimate needs a better aghs or atleast give the aghs to his open wound or his rage...


                                                You should buff Ursa, this is guy is suffring a lot!


                                                  Nerf fucking sven, this is mad hero !

                                                  Pointy Shoes

                                                    Neutral items are good and should stay. The whole point of them is to allow for having a jungler OR 2 heroes in the offlane.

                                                    All abilities should be vector based with changed cooldowns. That would really make dota evolve.


                                                      Buff Ursa, MK, Troll, Chen, Meepo. Nerf Drow. Rework Talents for Io.


                                                        however u guys complain, devs wont notice you haha


                                                          sven storm hammer dispel to lvl 20 talent pls

                                                          DV pomoika

                                                            LYCAN BUFF PLS
                                                            General winrate and pickrate 43.47% 1.00% WTF osfrog?!


                                                              Buff Techies!


                                                                Ждём нового героя...

                                                                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                                  IceFrog: Points taken. CM's movement speed reduced by 15.


                                                                    trilane meta should come back

                                                                    Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

                                                                      Tinker Buffs:
                                                                      Lvl 20 or 25 Talent 2x Cast Range.
                                                                      Buff his March of the Machines for the mid game.
                                                                      Innate Ability, can teleport to allied units. Note: Still consumes TP Scroll so it still needs BoT for the unlimited charges.

                                                                      PMA MODE

                                                                        BUFF TECHIES!!!


                                                                          BUFF LYCAN

                                                                          神羅 ℭ๏яþ.

                                                                            Here expecting rework visage's agh scepter

                                                                            BIG SALAMI

                                                                              NERF SVEN


                                                                                Despite all the tweaking, neutral items can be made tolerable at best, but take a step back and realize that they do not add any meaningful strategic element to the game. Either remove them, or make them non-random (announcing pre game what items will drop so people can arrange their match-up according to that).

                                                                                and also please nerf the mobility creep. Mobility creep has gone so bad that it's no wonder hero like sniper is falling off. Haste used to mean something right? Nowadays most heroes just casually walk in the 450+ range. Bounty hunter at level 10 can already move at perma haste, it's so retarded.


                                                                                  Give my real lifestealer back .!.

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                                                                                  Anal enjoyer

                                                                                    "nerf all natural items" they must not have much impact on game
                                                                                    "nerf Sven, Am"
                                                                                    these 2 heroes kill illu heroes very ez due to their skill or primary item

                                                                                    Buff kotl this hero is so shit rn can't do much thing in fights

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                                                                                    Star Artsy

                                                                                      The laning phase feels worthless enough as it is without being made more irrelevant

                                                                                      nitro dubz

                                                                                        My main issue with neutral items is that there are several neutral items especially in tier 3 that if you miss out on you're put at a big disadvantage. Tier 1 & 2 items seem fairly balanced, Ocean Heart is pretty garbage and should be reworked/removed but for the most part all the items in these tiers have their uses and they're weak enough that they don't give a huge gameplay advantage.

                                                                                        Tier 3 items are where the big offenders come in, and where the major neutral item imbalance comes into play in my opinion. If your team misses out on Paladin Sword & Titan Sliver and the enemy team gets both of these, you're gonna have a bad time. Titan Sliver especially seems way too good, literally everyone wants this item. Either remove the status res altogether or drastically nerf it down to 5% or something. Greater Faerie Fire, Craggy Coat & Enchanted Quiver seem underwhelming as well.

                                                                                        Tier 4 and onwards feels balanced enough and it's late enough in the game where a neutral item isn't going to make or break the game necessarily, although you could argue a couple of them like Minotaur Horn & Flicker are overpowered.

                                                                                        Kobo Anjing

                                                                                          Balance on how neutral item can be acquired instead of RNG.

                                                                                          All team meelee, you get Ballista late game, or maybe the physical carry just not suitable using that item. Congrats.

                                                                                          Ex-Machina just a dogshit item.

                                                                                          That Necro while your team cant micro/simple macro.

                                                                                          Witless Shako is a hindrance more than not, especially for those strength hero who loves benefit but something like Mars who love his mana wont pick this, even some int hero hesitate to pick this item. Also it is possible to have a team consist of low mana lineup, especially in solo Q.

                                                                                          Magic Lamp on the other hand felt worse than Shako.

                                                                                          There is situation where someone can get fucked over if they get Trident on a losing side and cant simply purchase 6150 item.

                                                                                          Aside from that, every item also wasnt worth the same. Brooch, Arcane Ring, Jelly, Shovel, Mango Tree simply better than any other dogshit item. Then again there's a chance enemy getting those good items and you get PMS, keen optic, Iron Talon, and Ocean Heart.


                                                                                            change the map


                                                                                              Lone druid needs a huge buff, last patch he got so nerfed and useless, they can kill his bear in 2 sec so ez