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      17 days ago
      nice stats author XD


        There are 20 heroes who have a higher win rate than Veno in Divine/Immortal bracket ... Can anybody write stupid shit on this forum nowadays?


          someone please give this @ReHa kid attention :( wahhhhhhhh


            @Acct Buyer he doesn't understand the word 'rising' :)


              hope you like last pick pl


                Usually I ignore or mildly remind it but...


                Across multiple post. I understand that english isn't everyone second or even third language but... a single spell checker (or just copy-paste it to ms words) will do wonders


                  Slither already did this years ago. Took long time for Icefrog apply health degen debuff.

                  cool story bro

                    Kung fu panda super easy counter to poison snake


                      writer is ancient shit


                        dude, you mentioned him playing as offlane, why give heroes that are normally played in mid as the prime example of "good heroes against him".

                        there are literally meta (safelane) heroes that are getting picked that are also good against veno, such as slark, pl, (lc)and the like -- heroes that doesn't care about his gale/slow.


                          лови кислого


                            @Inchan because the point he's making is that these heroes arent in meta atm so he's a lot better to pick than before? And Think of it this way, he counters 8 popular heroes and only gets countered by 2 heroes that your other team mates can pick counters for. I think that's pretty decent. You could always also ban pl and slark before picking. Idk about your region but I don't see those carries in every game.

                            My only gripe with this article is that I would've preffered more of an indepth analysis. The writing style is just a bit off/casual compared to other ones.


                              Says an author with 126 games 38% winrate on veno. Veno is not a very simple hero to control.


                                @Icey now that's a nice point. Everyone can access the meta tab in dotabuff so this kind of analysis is less valuable, even if you change your writing style.

                                ВОЗВРАЩАЮСЬ НА СВОЙ РЕЙТИНГ

                                  привет дебилы


                                    Yes this author has no clue


                                      @Icey he literally mentioned: “One of the reasons Venomancer is doing well is because he’s strong against more popular meta heroes and weak against unpopular heroes.”

                                      Plus i only mentioned few counters but there are more; regardless of how few or many these counters are, veno will MOST LIKELY be picked first before a core (1/2/3), hence, he will be countered most of the times.

                                      Let’s say for some reason all cores was picked before enemy team pick veno, even supports can counter him (e.g. Abaddon).

                                      Lane dominance is what makes veno strong, what helps him dominate a lane? His gale, not his sting nor ward, but GALE.

                                      If he can’t win his lane, he’ll have hard time scaling into the late game.

                                      Rambo Jambo

                                        i have been spamming veno since before outlanders, as an offlane. But i dont feel the damage veil and aghs does for you is enough to carry into late games which usually tends to happen. In my experience veno does not need a single item to boost damage to his spells. He needs to tank up. as an offlane phase boots since you really dont need that much mana for gale. and you need move speed and usually go vs a core with high dmg so the armor helps you alspo when your pos 4 leaves the lane. Then build vessel or pipe b4 finishing vessel, into crimson and then usually one survivability item like force euls or ghost scepter if the game is going to shit. rememebr when you stay alive you do more dmg

                                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                          Just to flex my star, if I still have it. And fk my eyes, I read this from a 38% win rate Veno player.

                                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                            Btw why this article seems like it is written by Yongelee in high school?

                                            Yami Yugi

                                              Pardon, author, and my previous comment above, but his real strengths lies in his wards, which is why the Gale CD + 2 wards Gale talents is very strong paired with ward x3 talent late game.

                                              Not only his wards hamper the victim's regen by applying the passives, it also providing HG visions during a T3 campaign offensive.

                                              All he needs to do is hit Gales to as many hero as he can, preferably with the help of an Aether Lens + Octarine Core, whilst stay alive as long as possible, so he can make as many wards as he can, because you see, his wards is the most durable wards in the game.

                                              By doing so, he provide the important vision his team most needed during the late offensive. And he is already good at defensive with the same manner.