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      The new boar hit way too hard, in 4 sec you can kill a support without any teammate.

      ♏mikeeCS ツ

        Feels "easier" to use BM bcs of unmovable hawk XD


          The hawk and boar both are op I think.


            no more rightclicking enemy heroes until u realize that ur hawk also follow enemy heroes and need to micro ur hawk to another location

            Doctor Roach

              Been spamming this hero in the patch and I love him. Only problem is he becomes alot weaker late game when the enemy cores start to get strong.


                @Beastmaster I'm pretty sure that's how it is supposed to be


                  the hawk is definitely better then before i mean a free global ward?

                  sk8er boi

                    op hero


                      Once you get vlads, you can solo kill people with the boar. The shit is kind of obnoxious but fun as hell. lol

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                      I can play 4

                        He has way too much lane control with the boars. A nerf to their slow would be ok.


                          Gives me an excuse to play chen if i see an enemy beastmaster
                          Zippity ziggy I now have your piggy


                            the moment he hits lvl 5 he is impossible to lane against, best case scenario you live until he hits lvl 6, then he kills you with his ulti. I think they should make boars draw aggro from creeps when they hit heroes and he will be ok.


                              Literally boars draw aggro would fix him but I'll just keep spamming him till he is fixed.. XD

                              Brünk Hüll

                                Correct me if I'm wrong but the big reason to pick up Beast is his aura right? Up until the patch though the skill didn't put out enough to justify the lacklustre overall collection he had right? it would totally make sense to me as well because some of the bigger hits this patch have been aura heroes like Drow and VS (sadly Luna hasn't been a huge hit but I loved the concept on paper).




                                    "In patch 7.20, Vladmir’s Offering is cheaper (1925 from 2250) in 7.20," needs to be rewritten


                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall - What? Luna wasnt the a huge hit? Thats why she was nerfed twice just as the patch came out? :D


                                        He kind of makes "weird" carries such as Bristle relevant because they can man up on the boars when both hit level 5.

                                        Quill spray deals with them fairly effectively.

                                        Something else that your ranged support can do is to nuke the boar. One boar is dealable, 2 arent.

                                        Brünk Hüll


                                          That sounds more like a situation that would be better suited for a solo safelane switch. That being said, it's not like bristle hasn't been played as a carry in the past, especially with wisp. Having beast on the other team would make a great reason to utilize bristle wisp because you can sleep a little easier knowing your carry won't be defenseless against the super long stun from a beast shout. I like it.


                                          Fine, she was proven to be hard to balance, the point is she isn't popular and that's sad because this is the right patch for what she has to give.