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    As support player it's feel so hard to afford Holy Locket, even if we have enough money to buy it, feels like there is much better other item than this item


      Why get holy locket when urn of shadows exists for a third the price?


        Третий мазафака


          "Kaya component here isn’t as useful as Yasha is for Int heroes" rly how many int heros was building yasha b4 7.20? now with the new nulls (3% amp) you can stack it with kaya to get even more, so that phase is wrong for int heroes kaya>yasha but for agis like SF/Venom its yasha>kaya

          Slark Suρρort

            Add kaya to Octarine Core instead of Mystic Staff. Lets see how bad it can go.

            Brünk Hüll

              I find this kind of item to be extremely interesting as it is an item for heroes that rely less on active spells and more on being walking piles of stats. Heart has been in the game for years as a way to make tankibois more tanky, and of course we have had damage deal items as well, but I like how this sort of fills the gaps in between. I wouldn't be averse to even more specialized build options with the swords either. Dual kayas, dual yashas, dual sanges, and of course, the SYK. They probably would be heavily favored though, and honestly, is there even one hero that would make good use out of having all three?


                @MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                Morphling comes to mind to use SYK


                  holy locket is an item with no progression(no upgrades or combination to be a new item), it is expensive and for self only(its benefits). it would be great if the locket changes its recipe into all basic item that can be disassemble for future purposes for both support and cores also it may be combined with mekansm like the guardian greeves but other effects maybe heal amp for all allies in 1200 radius. for next updates of dota pls :D

                  Monzcarro Murcatto

                    Finally, there was Timbersaw, whose Reactive Armor’s regeneration was buffed in 7.20

                    I strongly disagree with this and must say it's actually a nerf because hp regen in 7.20 doesn't get multiplied by strength.
                    Lvl 7 timber's got roughly 35 strength (he is level seven because there is the change the most significant)
                    35 strength meant in 7.19 35*0,6875% health regen amp, which equals to 24,0625% hp regen amp.
                    Previously you got 1,45hp regen from one stack amplified by 24,0625 = all of a sudden it's 1,8 rounded hp regen.
                    And I'm not even taking into account timber is gonna have more strength later on.
                    Now you get 1,6 hp regen from one stack no matter what.
                    It was a nerf.

                    Il Separatio

                      Tr4$h Locket

                      I was owning in the beginning of a match as a pos. 5 Dazzle and immediately lost after I bought it >:

                      Make it give +5 HP Regen, +4 Mana Regen and optionally +300 Health

                      Please IceFrog

                      RIGGED games

                        holy locket trash

                        PERFECT TOAST

                          I don't understand. You're saying Holy Locket is trash, but look at the stats on this site. Out of the entire hero pool, only 14 heroes have <50% win rate when building the item. The regen boost is amazing coupled with the magic resistance. Its not the best support item, being so expensive. However, when its on a Huskar with Armlet or a Pudge with maxed flesh heap, the results are insane. Huskar with Holy Locket and Armlet toggled on has his health floating around 67%, and the magic resistance works at nullifying the damage he takes from Burning Spears as well as his ultimate. Pudge appreciates it because it amps his already crazy good regen by 25%, which amps his Flesh Heap regen by an entire skill level. The magic resistance is great on him because it protects him from Rot, and if you also have a headdress, you barely take any damage from Rot while your magic resistance also tanks you up well.

                          All in all, this article is not supported by the usage stats.

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                          Brünk Hüll


                            mmmmmmmaybe? I'm not well versed in the hero but I've not known people to buy int items on him outside of maybe a hurricane pike or linkens. I don't see it being particularly bad for sure, but where would it fit in his lineup of items?

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                            low prio master

                              You just didn't mention io? Can you stop writing articles and learn basics please?

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                                  Why would you build YnK on morphling when SnY is better? The status resistance and hp are really good on morp.


                                    @viznt he is referring to SYK m8


                                      Kaya and Sange is actually very strong on Bristle. It solves his Mana issues (helps him to snowball as well), and gives him damage+tankability.


                                        HL is okay on Doom with a maxed Q, purple goat thing, and 2 stacks of Q. Get GG, Vlads, and HotD to compliment it I guess.


                                          with oracle, i buy locket after urn. it makes ur 3rd skill heal for 550 HP in 1 cast and u can cast more

                                          Player 95251565

                                            The locket item is very lackluster. It could be +100% healing at 2k gold and it would still not be broken.


                                              Kaya and Sange are great on Doom, the reduced status resistance on enimies from Sange, along with the reduced mana cost and spell amp on Doom really works wonders.

                                              Hide The Pain

                                                Wither game

                                                Schultzman Gabonito

                                                  Almost all of the new items are garbage, there are so many more important situational items you need to get before those new items...


                                                    @p9^ with an average of like 43% wr, especially at your rank... there’s a reason dazzle is mentioned and not IO


                                                      I like YnK on Morph but I'm a memer, so...

                                                      🜬 femboyboobs 🜬

                                                        @chef Io passively heals, gets more healing items than dazzle. I can argue it benefits io more than dazzle, but I can say Dazzle is only written there because he's Meta. Though, I love dazzle. 'hurrdurrr, i can dismiss you because you're filthy low rank'