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Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Such an interesting way to patch a game. They really went all out since the next big tournaments are far away and TI has ended!
    Oh no, wait, they are doing the most lazy, boring updates.

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      when you already made a topic but you still want to whine like a little b***ch

      Stone Cold Steve Austin

        I'm pretty sure a comment like "first lel" would have been more constructive.
        And you are not being cool by writing in an edgy flaming manner, so you can just keep it shut too, if you can't stay on topic.


          Don't say this of Grimm, he has half a dozen youtube subscribers and even features a cartoon avatar! He'll make short work of you.



            Ace was never here

              I am really happy with the inclusion of ranked roles especially to Dota plus, saves a lot of time on confusion about the roles, besides you have no idea how hard it is to supp those good for nothing carries who dies under our wards and then asks for more wards without even understanding how smoke works or even noticing the missing notification, in fact gold management is a huge plus in ranked roles and besides easy to boost using supps and offlaners, seriously I love this update.


                I think they nerfed all the op heroes.

                there was nothing good in this patch


                  at least we can watch some regional qualifiers in the meantime

                  neutral chaotic

                    Pay money. Again...

                    play for fun

                      whats next? pay to get better behavior score? pay so that openai bot can raise your mmr for you? all with dota plus


                        oh yes, i bet you guy wish ranked roles would be free so trolls and stupid players could find on it normally. dota is free and just plays the ranked roles who wants to. do you want a game to survive by givivng the community only free content? lol. come on guys, i know y'all got a brain.


                          p2w in acSsion




                              What do you expect from a Morphling spammer, only plays carries (even plays his earth spirit as core), cry baby? Literally the type of player I pray I don't run into every game.

                              Yami Yugi

                                Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh
                                at least those ruiners pays for ruining my game lol

                                È vietato incamerare

                                  what about D+ detection on accs in dbuff?


                                    ranked roles is the best thing to happen to dota

                                    Mr Miyagi

                                      click on support for faster queue time.
                                      Then pick carry.


                                        N0tail became support = win ti8
                                        Envy became support = kappa

                                        In my mind

                                          Не плохо