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    Love playing WR


      Windranger is a fun hero to play. Btw im second. Yaaay


        ur second and im gay


          this attention to WR is thanks to Fly to Moon

          Blessed By Him

            who am i again??

            Brünk Hüll

              The biggest problem that WR had for a long time was the fact that it took too long to get the items you need for her to be a useful core, and her kit didn't really lend itself to supporting past Shackleshot. Maelstrom changed that in a huge way, as even just the javelin is such a huge spike in damage. Honestly if Windranger had her old ulti, she would be massively overpowered now.

              There is still a lot wrong with her as a core. You almost always need a BKB it seems, and there are certainly a lot of counters both in heroes and in items. I've said it a million times before: switching her to an agi hero would probably benefit her in terms of item flexibility. If that happened, she would likely become a serious pick. As she stands right now, the early item pickups have helped her fit into the snowball hero territory better, but she still struggles a bit too much transitioning to the late game once halberds, blademails, and euls litter the battlefield and she is still trying to get that blink dagger.


                ^her old ult was shit compared to the new one old ult gaved 500AS new one give 400AS +u can move while attacking


                  As carry, she need agressive support like Crystal Maiden, Oracle, Winter Wywern, Mirana or another support with stun. Windranger is good support, when she can use Shackleshot everywhere. You can be position 4 and even carry.


                    It was allready imba 3 patches ago, but she still keeps getting buffs. I bet icefrog's girlfriend is ginger.


                      looks like they buffed her tits

                      V E N G E A N C E

                        this b***h is so op its unfukkingbelievable, i cant even get it though my head how can one play this hero and not feel bad about himself, its like fighting a bunch of kids.... with a machine gun


                          I want a focus fire spitshot Talent as 25


                            Врка топ)

                            Brünk Hüll

                              @Mr. Poopybutthole

                              The original rework of the skill had 350AS, which is considerably lower than the previous 500AS. It has since been upped to 400, but that still creates situations where you will put out less damage while your target is stunned, potentially allowing them to escape. Chasing is nice for targets you would not have been able to burst down anyway (if you for some reason are targeting the tank during a fight, for instance), but having to chase in the first place means it is taking longer, and therefore riskier, to attempt a kill.

                              Again, this issue of damage has been fixed with the changes to maelstrom and mkb, but it still places her in a risky situation where she needs to snowball to quickly purchase a bkb or aghs AFTER the maelstrom and mkb. The ability to move during a teamfight while still attacking is certainly nice as it aids in her survivability (she can step away while firing off the final killing shots), but as she stands right now I'd say she is more suited for pickoffs than teamfights.

                              O N N E T B O Y Z ™

                                Cutest hero in the game.
                                Everyone sleeping on her on the arcana votes, but ever since the Maelstrom rework her popularity jumped from 22nd to 5th! If there was ever a time for her to get an Arcana it is now.


                                  Drow deserves an arcana more than WR - and Luna even more than them.


                                    ^Drow is a shitty, easily counterable hero, very inflexible and brings little to the table with her kit. To give that bitch an arcana is appalling.